No Man’s Sky Update – version 4.45

No Man’s Sky releases the Echoes update, addressing numerous bugs and improving game performance. The new patch 4.45 is currently live on Steam and will soon be available on other platforms.

From the developers:

Hello everyone,

We’re grateful to all who have been exploring in the No Man’s Sky Echoes update and giving us feedback. A special shout-out to those reporting issues through Zendesk or console crash tools.

We’ve been closely monitoring your input, leading to several identified and fixed problems. These have been rolled out in patch 4.45, now live on Steam. Other platforms will receive the update shortly.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved a seldom-occurring bug in the A Leap in the Dark mission.
  • Addressed an issue preventing the Artemis path from initiating after a save conversion from Expedition mode.
  • Final entry display issue for the story catalogue of Under a Rebel Star fixed.
  • Enhanced rewards from the Autophage during language practice.
  • Addressed Autophage text display issues in the story catalogue.
  • More completed objectives are now visible in the mission log.
  • Solved a misdirection in missions to the non-existent Station Core in abandoned systems.
  • Rectified an issue in They Who Returned where the Autophage gave incorrect dialogues.
  • Fixed misdirected missions to shipless crash sites.
  • Players can no longer destroy cargo pods and turrets on their own freighters.
  • Updated the Outlaw faction milestone.
  • Improved AI behavior of small fighters around larger vessels.
  • Addressed issues regarding salvageable scrap, oxygen depletion on planet surfaces, and ship inventory range.
  • Resolved a multitool availability issue at Sentinel Pillars.
  • Fixed cape behavior during base part placements.
  • Resolved rare loading-related floor glitches.
  • Solved problems regarding civilian freighter destruction consequences and gyro options page usage on the Switch.
  • Corrected icons for Returner’s Drape and Wanderer’s Cloak.
  • Introduced the new Dreadnaught warp effect.

Performance and Rendering:

  • Several optimizations have been introduced to improve game visuals, including instance, light, sky, and star rendering.
  • Addressed minor visual and particle effects glitches.
  • Special improvements for the Nintendo Switch include refined FSR2 visuals, rendering, texture optimizations, and significant memory management.

Crash Fixes:

  • Resolved various crashes related to texture generation, memory management, graphics memory on PC, and specific AMD video cards.

We’re continuously working to elevate your experience, and your feedback is the guiding star. Safe cosmic voyages! If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report.


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