No Man's Sky Interceptor release

No Man’s Sky Update – version 4.22

From developers:

Hi everyone,
We appreciate all of you who have been playing the Interceptor Update and reporting issues. We’ve been paying close attention to your feedback and have fixed several problems in patch 4.22, which is now available on Steam and coming soon to other platforms.

Bug fixes

  • The Minotaur can now target corrupted Sentinels while under AI control.
  • Wall-mounted base decorations won’t rotate unexpectedly.
  • Some technologies can now be installed in freighter inventories.
  • The Teleport Receiver can be installed inside a Sentinel interceptor.
  • The Sentinel Multi-Tool can be removed from its case after claiming it.
  • A rare mission blocker issue has been fixed.
  • Several issues in the Nexus mission to collect Hadal Cores have been resolved.
  • Correct instructions now appear during the Sentinel interceptor repair mission.
  • Some minor text issues have been fixed.
  • Corrupted Sentinels won’t appear on non-corrupted worlds in higher difficulty settings.
  • Planet popups in the Discovery page now display correctly.
  • A rare UI input issue has been fixed.
  • Companions are now facing the right way in the UI.
  • The error message for using an Echo Locator without Harmonic Camps has been improved.
  • The pulse drive warning message has been corrected.
  • DPS readouts on starship weapons now display in the UI.
  • Information about Dissonant systems now shows in the Galaxy Map in lower difficulty settings.
  • Sentinel ships are no longer incorrectly identified as buildings.
  • Refiners and related technologies now show their charging status correctly.
  • Corrupted Sentinels’ eye textures have been improved.
  • Explosions when destroying small freighters or cargo pods are now the right size.
  • Weapons on corrupted Sentinels are no longer invisible.
  • Minor visual glitches on the Sentinel interceptor have been fixed.
  • Overly dense/dark fog on corrupted planets has been addressed.
  • Holograms and bobbleheads in the Sentinel interceptor no longer intersect with cockpit elements.
  • The audio balance for Atlantideum crystals has been adjusted.
  • Collision issues with oxygen and sodium plants have been fixed.
  • NPC ships move smoothly in multiplayer.
  • Visual issues with VR wrist menu projectors have been fixed.
  • Visual feedback when repositioning VR wrist menus has been improved.
  • The Trade Rocket UI now displays correctly in VR.
  • VR players now have a third “twist” axis on the virtual joystick.
  • Input issues for some UI screens in VR have been fixed.
  • A performance drop when joining another player’s game has been fixed.
  • Crashes related to memory allocation and networking have been resolved.
  • A memory leak related to texture rendering has been fixed.
  • Base Complexity option now appears on Xbox One and Xbox One S.
  • A crash issue on older Xbox consoles has been fixed.
  • A memory leak on all Xbox platforms has been resolved.
  • Memory optimization and visual quality improvements have been made for PSVR2.
We will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report.