NMS Fractal release

No Man’s Sky Fractal Update – version 4.10

No Man’s Sky has released a new update, version 4.1, called FRACTAL. This update brings numerous quality-of-life and accessibility improvements, along with support for PlayStation®VR2, gyroscopic control support, and a new section in the catalogue that tracks your play and records notable discoveries, planetary extremes, and unusual objects collected. Let’s take a closer look at the various features included in this update.

Major changes:

VR Support

No Man’s Sky now fully supports PlayStation®VR2, with higher resolution display, improved particle rendering, terrain tessellation effects, increased planetary details, and increased draw distances. The VR play area boundaries are now far more lenient, reducing instances of the play area warning occurring unnecessarily. Fixed issues such as shaky or inaccurate VR cursor positioning over time. VR players can now use hand controllers to position the Personal Forcefield directly, allowing for advanced combat tactics. The VR base building, galaxy map, and surveying experience and UI have been significantly improved, with more intuitive controls and better tracking of the player’s head position. Additionally, the ship and companion summoning UI has been improved and clarified in VR.

Wonders Catalogue

The new Wonders section in the catalogue tracks your play and records notable discoveries, planetary extremes, and unusual objects collected. The catalogue includes planetary records, creature records, flora and mineral records, rare items with the highest market value, and rare planetary glitch objects. Any entry in the Wonders catalogue can be selected to take you to its detailed entry in your discoveries list, allowing you to easily mark and visit its parent star system.

Gyro Controls

Nintendo Switch and PlayStation players can now enable motion-sensor-based gyro controls. These controls allow for accurate fine-tuning of camera movements using controller motion on top of thumbstick control, as well as moving the cursor in UI screens. A wide number of tuning options are available for players to customize their gyro experience.


The various options menus have been reworked and reorganized to accommodate a new suite of options, as well as to help players quickly navigate to whichever option they wish to change. Options can now be adjusted from the boot and save select screens, allowing for customization before starting a game. The options include:

  • Adjusting video and graphics options
  • Setting the in-game language
  • Enabling players to reset their current position while aboard a freighter
  • Using the enlarged menu text already used on the Switch
  • Customizing who has access to the contents of their refiners
  • Removing all white flashes from the game and replacing them with fades to black
  • Adjusting the strength of various hazard-related screen effects
  • Disabling all automatic “follow” camera movements in third-person
  • Adjusting the handedness of the player character in first-person and third-person modes
  • Adjusting the distance from the screen of various menu elements
  • Adjusting the strength of the vignette effect deployed to reduce motion sickness
  • Toggling the behavior of the jump button on gamepads
  • Swapping the functions on gamepad thumbsticks

Rendering & Optimizations

The Dynamic Resolution Scaling has been added for PlayStation 5, allowing the game to maintain a consistent framerate across all scenarios, resulting in a significantly improved image quality in some situations, such as during spaceflight. PlayStation 5 now supports AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 technology, providing high image quality and improved framerates. The HDR rendering system has been overhauled for all platforms for a richer and more dynamic color experience while playing on an HDR display. The particle rendering system has been improved to add support for high-quality additive particles. Additionally, the update introduces a significant optimization for all platforms when loading large numbers of bases within a single system and fixes various visual and camera glitches.

In conclusion

No Man’s Sky update 4.1, FRACTAL, offers a great range of new features and improvements for players to explore, including VR support, a Wonders Catalogue, Gyro Controls, and a reworked options menu. The update also brings rendering and optimization improvements, making the game smoother and more immersive for players. Whether you’re a new or experienced player, FRACTAL provides exciting new experiences and changes that make No Man’s Sky an even better game to explore.

We will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report.

Source: nomanssky.com