Nioh hacks and slashes onto PC

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Team Ninja’s action-RPG Nioh arrived on PC this morning, letting us be part of within the enjoyable nineteen months after its PlayStation four debut. It’s a fantasy massacre set round Sengoku-period Japan, slicing via monsters and demons out of your basic large ol’ ogreish oni via to stranger ones just like the wanyūdō, a burning cart wheel with a person’s head on the axle. Many usually evaluate Nioh to Dark Souls, as a result of it’s an entire chuffing lot like Souls – although our Adam will argue it’s moving into a distinct route. We have a evaluate coming quickly however, for now, right here’s slightly teaser from Adam:

“It’s unfair to compare Nioh to other RPGs though because it leans so heavily into that combat system that it really has more in common with Devil May Cry and the like than with even the action-heavy design of a Souls game. While it’s not as kinetic as a pure character action game and not quite as stylish, Nioh is more in line with what I’d want from a modern Streets of Rage than anything else. It’s a series of superb fights, book-ended by bosses of varying quality.”

Do remember that some initial player reviews are sad with the sport’s efficiency. We’re at present giving its tyres a kick for our evaluate.

Nioh: Complete Edition is out for £40 on Steam. It’s referred to as the Complete Edition as a result of it’s packing all of the PS4 DLC as commonplace.


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