Music Is Everything! Podcast Launched With Circuit des Yeux, Jamila Woods, Shamir, and More: Listen

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Mark Yoshizumi and Elia Einhorn’s new biweekly podcast is a “love letter to music” with different musicians on each episode

Music Is Everything
Music Is Everything!, graphic courtesy of Grandstand Media

Music Is Everything! is a new biweekly hourlong podcast from Mark Yoshizumi and Elia Einhorn (Pitchfork contributors of the Pitchfork Radio Hour). Each episode of the 3dB and Sonos Sound System podcast is described as “love letter to music, the people who make it, and the culture that surrounds it,” and it features different musicians each week.

The first episode features an interview and performance from Circuit des Yeux, a poetry reading from Kara Jackson presented by Jamila Woods, “Ratchet Wisdom” from Shamir, “life hacks” from Thor Harris, a brief surprise appearance from Sir Tom Jones, and more. Listen to the first episode below.

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