Monster Hunter: World Kulve Taroth: the right way to struggle it, what’s its weak point

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Featured postFootage of Kulve Taroth from the Monster Hunter: World free update trailer.

Deep throughout the Caverns of El Dorado in Monster Hunter: World lies the golden Elder Dragon referred to as Kulve Taroth. You gained’t be capable to kill this huge beast, however it is possible for you to to knock off all of its shards which could be crafted into all kinds of splendidly glowing armour. It’s additionally the primary monster that requires 4 teams of 4 warriors, which suggests you’ll must work collectively to take it down by a number of phases. This information will go over the right way to struggle the Kulve Taroth, in addition to all of the supplies that may be gathered from it.

Monster Hunter: World Kulve Taroth information

There’s little question that this Elder Dragon will take every little thing you’ll be able to muster. For these seeking to get a bit extra on the right way to successfully handle their stamina bar, head on over to our Monster Hunter: World guide to get extra suggestions and tips for surviving this hunt.

Kulve Taroth's entry in the monster field guide.

Kulve Taroth’s weaknesses and resistances

Kulve Taroth’s a kind of monsters that modifications her strengths and weaknesses because the battle goes on. She initially begins the battle particularly weak to Ice, with some extent of weak point to each water and dragon. Fire and thunder then again do barely something on this state. Upon overlaying herself in gold, she is going to change nearly all of her elemental strengths and weaknesses. She turns into extremely immune to ice and gaining a bit extra defence towards dragon, at the price of changing into vulnerable to fireplace and particularly weak to thunder. Water nevertheless doesn’t change and might be your most secure choice for combating this monster for those who don’t need to head again to camp to alter your weapon. With one star for all illnesses, it’s value attempting to inflict any of them on her, however chances are you’ll discover it takes a good bit of time to truly take impact.

As for kinds of weapons and their effectiveness, bladed and blunt melee weapons are best towards the gold plating on the highest of her head, whereas ranged weapons are greatest fired at her entrance claws. Her gold plating, horns, and tail are all breakable. In addition to those strengths and weaknesses, there are two states that Kulve Taroth could be in. To start with, the non-gold bits are the place the harm ought to be coming from as she is in any other case armoured. When she does begin to glow nevertheless, her complete physique turns into an enormous weak spot, that means you could inflict a ton of harm, particularly if she turns into paralysed on this state.

One of Kulve Taroth's chips in the Ancient Forest

Unlocking the Kulve Taroth quest

First and foremost, you’ll want to succeed in Hunter Rank 16. This means you have got on the very least accomplished the principle story by defeating Xeno’jiiva and saving the brand new world. If you’re fighting this child Elder Dragon, head to our Monster Hunter: World Xeno’jiiva information to study extra about the right way to defeat it.

You’ll then want to collect Scattered gold chips which can be present in both non-obligatory side-quests or expeditions. This is similar to the strategy that you just investigated the whereabouts of the Pink Rathian. An straightforward approach to receive a Scattered gold chipsis to go to the Ancient Forest and begin within the south-west camp. Head out into the open space the place the assorted herbivores roam the swampland and look to the ledge. You’ll see a Scattered gold chips that may be obtained.

Once you have got a minimum of one Scattered gold chips, head again to Astera and into the Gathering Hub on the fourth ground. At the search board, you’ll see the Special Investigation entitled “Banquet in the Earthen Hall”. Note you could’t settle for this quest by going to the search board within the decrease flooring, so be sure you’re going to the fitting place.

Some boulders are about to fall on Kulve Taroth.

How to struggle Kulve Taroth

First of all, don’t do what I did to get the screenshots and simply go in solo. You gained’t get very far in any respect because it wants a coordinated assault. Since there are a number of gamers, everybody wants to make use of every little thing of their arsenal, in addition to the surroundings round every space, to carry her down.

The mission goal is to interrupt Kulve Taroth’s horns of their entirety. Monster Hunter: World doesn’t naturally help greater than 4 individuals at a time, so it makes use of a factors primarily based system to maintain observe of the sixteen participant’s progress. The extra factors all of you accumulate, the higher the rewards are. Here are the factors values for every of the targets:

Objective Points
2nd space reached 20
third space reached 40
4th space reached 60
Kulve Taroth launched 90
Giant horns utterly damaged 500
Giant horns chipped 150
Horn’s gold plating damaged 120
Tail damaged 120
Right foreleg gold plating damaged 90
Left foreleg gold plating damaged 90
Right chest gold plating damaged 60
Left chest gold plating damaged 60
Right hind leg gold plating damaged 30
Left hind leg gold plating damaged 30
Tail proper gold plating damaged 30
Tail left gold plating damaged 30
Pursuit degree 2 reached 20
Pursuit degree four reached 40
Pursuit degree 6 reached 90

Coordination between every group is vital with a view to defeat this boss, in addition to understanding every of the world layouts. She can shoot a concentrated beam of fireplace that begins together with her mouth being on hearth. This can do a variety of harm, so ought to be dodged to the facet. She may rise as much as breath hearth on the bottom, which covers a big space in fireblight inflicting flames, so get out of the vary as quickly as you see her rise on her hind legs. Crystalburst and piercing pods can knock her out of this assault and go away her open to assaults.

Each of the three phases is distinctly totally different and happen throughout 4 areas. But earlier than you do the rest, be sure you cool drinks to cope with the warmth, in addition to Parashrooms in your stock. The parashrooms could be mixed with throwing knives, obtained by defeating the golden Gajalakas. There’s a bunch of them close to the camp you begin out in, however different small teams are across the space. There are additionally giant barrels which can be discovered near the cannons within the first room, so decide these up and mix to make giant barrel bombs.

In the primary section, you’ll need to collect tracks and deal as a lot harm to hit as doable, profiting from the boulders above that may be dropped on prime of her. This has the added benefit of knocking her susceptible when toppled, leaving her open to a slew of assaults. The second section is the place the golden type is launched. Use the terrain to attempt to mount Kulve Taroth, as doing so will make her begin to glow, permitting for everybody to get a variety of harm off on the Elder Dragon.

You’ll want to interrupt off her gold coating within the third room, so benefit from the stalactites and bombs to tear it off. In the fourth room, you’ll want to interrupt her horns, so attempt to make her fall asleep after which plant any remaining bombs whereas she’s resting. This coordinated and concentrated assault on the horns ought to in principle do a variety of harm and probably break them off in a short time. Breaking them off will trigger Kulve Taroth to retreat, thus ending the struggle. You can’t kill her, in contrast to different creatures in Monster Hunter: World, however the horns have an enormous quantity of assets.

What supplies can I get from Kulve Taroth?

Since Kulve Taroth is an Elder Dragon, you’ll be able to’t seize it, however you can also’t hearth off an SOS Flare. Partnering up with others (as detailed in our To study extra about teaming up with others, you’ll be able to consult with our Monster Hunter: World PC multiplayer information) is the way in which ahead. As for the right way to use the objects you’ll be able to loot from Kulve Taroth, you’ll be able to both take a look at our Monster Hunter: World combat information or our Monster Hunter: World armour information. In the checklist beneath, the celebs point out the frequency by which the merchandise in query will drop, in addition to particulars on whether or not some objects are obtained by breaking a particular a part of the monster.

Kulve Taroth supplies (excessive rank solely)

Item identify Rarity of supplies gained from carving Combat and carving notes Rarity of supplies gained as rewards Reward notes
Kulve Taroth Golden Spiralhorn **** Obtained by breaking its horns. ***
Kulve Taroth Golden Shell ***** Carve gold plating. N/A
Melded Weapon ***** N/A
Dissolved Weapon ***** N/A
Sublimated Weapon ** N/A
Kulve Taroth Golden Scale **** Can be dropped. ****
Kulve Taroth Golden Tailshell **** Obtained by breaking its tail. ***
Kulve Taroth Golden Nugget *****
Kulve Taroth Golden Glimstone * Carve its gold plating, break its horns and/or its legs. **
Elder Dragon Bone N/A **
Elder Dragon Blood N/A **

With any luck you and the opposite fifteen hunters ought to make a large dent within the monster’s golden armour and are available away with loads of golden horns between you all. You can study extra concerning the earlier monster launched within the free updates from our Monster Hunter: World Deviljho, in addition to hunt one of many extra elusive Elder Dragons in our Monster Hunter: World Kirin information.


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