Minecraft instructions [1.14] – cheat checklist for Minecraft

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Minecraft Commands

Since Minecraft’s inception, individuals have been tinkering with instructions to make worlds their very own. They can do all kinds of issues, from random objects, instructions to tinker with settings, and code for these eager to create their very own servers. Without instructions, fashionable game varieties together with “Hunger Games” would probably not exist. Even in case your ambitions are extra humble, we’ve put collectively this assortment of Minecraft instructions and Minecraft cheats to assist.

Minecraft commands guide

Minecraft instructions [1.14] – cheat checklist information

With the current resurgence within the reputation of Minecraft, we’ve put collectively this information to Minecraft instructions that every one work with the most recent model of Minecraft, 1.14. These vary from instructions to present gamers objects, instructions to teleport gamers, and even some extra superior instructions to be used in creating your individual game modes throughout the Minecraft world.

Use the hyperlinks beneath to skip to a selected cheat or command. Click on the again button to warp instantly again to the contents.

Minecraft summon command - Summoned a chicken.

Minecraft instructions [1.14]

To allow cheats in your Minecraft worlds and seeds, you’ll want to make sure that you toggle the Allow Cheats choice to “on”. To discover it, create a brand new world, then click on “More World Options”.  Here you’ll see the choice to Allow Cheats, so be sure to click on it in order that it says on. You can then click on “Create New World” to generate the seed. There are loads of seeds in Minecraft and a few are objectively higher than others, so take a look at our Minecraft seeds information for a choice of the perfect ones.

To start getting into a command, press the / key. As you kind within the code, you’ll see ideas for phrases to kind in to switch the formulation. Press the TAB key to mechanically fill within the phrase that’s at present highlighted, or press the up/down arrow keys to cycle by the choices. Everything is case delicate.

Minecraft Help command prompts with the weather commands.

Minecraft key instructions

These two instructions are key to not solely understanding how the command immediate works in Minecraft but additionally are required for any command that targets a participant or entity.


/assist [COMMAND NAME]

Entering this command will give you extra data as to which choices you could have out there and what variables you’ll be able to enter for every one.

Example: “/help /weather” – exhibits all of the instructions and choices associated to /climate.


Anytime that the command asks for a [TARGET], you’ll be able to kind in one of many following entries to get the next outcomes:

  • @p – Nearest participant
  • @r – Random participant
  • @a – All gamers
  • @e – All entities – together with NPCs and enemies.
  • @s – The entity that’s executing the command
  • [PLAYER NAME] – Replace with the title of a participant to focus on them particularly.

Example: “/give @a minecraft.oak_button 1” – provides all gamers within the game one Oak Button.

Minecraft Give command - player is given 10 obsidian.

Minecraft merchandise instructions

These instructions are the bread and butter of all of the Minecraft instructions you’ll be able to enter, giving gamers objects, recipes, ranges, and XP. They may also be used to summon new entities and reload loot tables.



Entering this command will give the named goal the required variety of the required merchandise.

Example: “/give [TARGET] minecraft:obsidian 10” – provides the required participant 10 Obsidian.


/clear [TARGET] [ITEM] [COUNT]

Entering this command will take away the named goal the required variety of the required merchandise.

Example: “/clear SkirkRidgeEX minecraft:obsidian 10” – removes from the required participant 10 Obsidian.



Gives/Removes the required recipe from the required participant.

Example: “/recipe give [PLAYER NAME] minecraft:baked_potato_from_smoking” – Gives the required participant the recipe “Baked Potato from Smoking”.


/summon [ENTITY] [X] [Y] [Z]

Summons the chosen creature or merchandise to your place if not specified. Begin typing the title of the entity you need to see its code, then press TAB to auto-fill it.

Example: “/summon minecraft:chicken 154 87 328” – Summons a rooster to coordinates 154 87 328.



Grants or revokes achievements relying on the variables set. I extremely counsel that you simply manually enter this and scroll by the choices within the [ADVANCEMENT VARIABLE] checklist as there are a variety of them.

Example: /development grant [PLAYER NAME] from minecraft:journey/kill_a_mob – Gives the goal participant all of the developments in journey mode up till “Kill a Mob”.

Giving/Removing XP to gamers


Adds or removes expertise ranges or factors to the set worth.

Example: “/xp add [PLAYER NAME] 12 levels” – Grants the required participant 12 ranges.



Enchants the goal holding an merchandise with the required enchantment on the degree indicated.

Example: /enchant @a minecraft:fire_aspect 2 – Enchants each participant’s at present held merchandise with Fire Aspect II enchantment.



Reloads the whole lot from features, loot tables, and extra.

Minecraft weather command - Lightning strikes because weather is set to thunder.

Minecraft world instructions

We’ve lumped these Minecraft instructions into “world”, however actually these ones additionally have an effect on the game modes and issue as effectively. You’ll even have the time of day, teleportation, and finding particular buildings coated. You’ll probably be utilizing the time set and climate instructions, rather a lot, however the different instructions are additionally actually helpful for if that you must find a selected particular location.



Changes the climate to the required climate – both Clear, Thunder, or Rain. If you set a length, it will likely be for that many seconds.

Example: “/weather thunder 20” would make it rain and thunder for 20 seconds.

Default Gamemode

/defaultgamemode [GAMEMODE]

Sets the game mode to the required game mode when gamers be a part of the server. You can set it to Adventure, Creative, Spectator, or Survival.

Example: “/defaultgamemode adventure” – Sets the default game mode to Adventure mode.


/gamemode [GAME TYPE] [TARGET]

Entering this command will immediately change the game mode to the required kind to the required goal. You can set it to Adventure, Creative, Spectator, or Survival.

Example: “/gamemode adventure” – Sets the game mode to Adventure mode.

Time Set

/time set [TIME OF DAY]

Sets the time of day to the required time of the day. You can select from Day, Noon, Night, and Midnight, or enter a worth from 0 (Day) to 23999 (Almost Day).

Example: “/time set 1000” – Sets the time to Day.



Sets the issue of the game. You can select from Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Example: “/difficulty hard” – Set the issue to exhausting mode.

Game Rule

/gamerule [GAME RULE] keepinventory [TRUE/FALSE]

Changes the principles to on if set to “True”, or off if set to “False”.

Example: /gamerule keepinventory true – Sets the game rule “Keep Inventory after death” to true.


/tp [TARGET] [X] [Y] [Z]

Teleports all the required targets to the required coordinates. If no coordinates are entered, the targets as a substitute spawn instantly at your place.

Example: “/tp @e -615 63 -439 – Teleports each entity to -615/63/-439.

Locate a particular space

/find [LOCATION]

Will learn how many blocks away you’re from the closest specified location and its coordinates. The areas are:

  • Buried_Treasure
  • Desert_Pyramid
  • EndCity
  • Fortress
  • Igloo
  • Jungle_Pyramid
  • Mansion
  • Mineshaft
  • Monument
  • Ocean_Ruin
  • Pillager_Outpost
  • Shipwreck
  • Stronghold
  • Swamp_Hut
  • Village

Example: “/find igloo” – Displays the coordinates for the closest igloo and distance between you and the igloo.

Minecraft whisperc command - allows players to whisper to each other. Note that whispering to yourself brings up two dialogues and is a sign of madness.

Minecraft communication instructions

The following Minecraft instructions for communication are simple-to-understand methods of speaking to different gamers. They vary from customary speaking, whispering, and performing actions. You can use this command so as to add a little bit of roleplaying to your games to say your character has accomplished one thing, or share a secret with one different participant at a time.


/say (message)

Displays a message from you to the opposite gamers.

Example: /say Hello! – Brings up a immediate within the chat window from you saying “Hello!”.

Whisper to a participant


Types a message for a participant that solely they’ll see. The participant will all the time see who had whispered to them.

Example: “msg [PLAYER NAME] Hello there! – Whispers to that participant “Hello there!”



Puts a standing saying “[YOUR PLAYER]” and no matter you’ve typed into motion.

Example: “/me went to lunch.” – Generates textual content saying “[YOUR PLAYER NAME] went to lunch.”

Minecraft fill command - demonstrated by having a massive block of water tiles.

Minecraft server instructions

The final Minecraft instructions listed beneath are all of these which might be slightly extra advanced, principally for creating your individual Minecraft servers. These are essentially the most advanced ones to know and are primarily for superior gamers, starting from setting world borders, altering blocks en-masse, and operating customized JSON script.


/kill [PLAYER NAME] 

Instantly kills your individual character in the event you don’t specify a reputation within the [PLAYER NAME]. Kills the participant specified immediately in the event you specify their title.



Puts the present seed you’re enjoying in. Click the ID to repeat the seed quantity to your clipboard so you’ll be able to retailer it for later. You can then use this to generate the identical world seed from the New World menu.


This one is much more sophisticated and has a number of definitions relying on what you need to do.

  • /worldborder add [DISTANCE/TIME] [DISTANCE VALUE/TIME VALUE] Adds or removes blocks from the world to the worth set.
  • /worldborder heart [X] [Y] [Z] Changes the central place to the coordinates
  • /worldborder injury (amountbuffer) units how a lot injury something exterior the border takes.
  • /worldborder get finds out how broad a world is.
  • /worldborder set [DISTANCE/TIME] [DISTANCE VALUE/TIME VALUE] – Sets the space/time for the world border.
  • /worldborder warning [DISTANCE/TIME] [DISTANCE VALUE/TIME VALUE] – Sets the warning of the world border to the required level.

Example: “/worldborder center 91 74 123” – Sets the centre of the world to coordinates 91/74/123.


/debug [START/STOP]

Either begins or stops debug mode, relying on in the event you typed in Start or Stop.



Opens up the created world to LAN. You might want to open the port in query to permit different gamers in your native space community to hitch the game.


/clone [X] [Y] [Z] [DX] [DY] [DZ] [X2] [Y2] [Z2] [Type]

Copies the world within the first two units of coordinates ([X] [Y] [Z] [DX] [DY] [DZ]) and pastes it to those set in [X2] [Y2] [Z2]. Types embody extra variables so that you can fiddle with.

Example: /clone 71 63 72 93 63 91 12 63 18 substitute – Replaces the tiles round 12/63/18 with tiles from the surfaces between tiles 71/63/72 and 93/63/91



Gives the focused participant the impact specified for the indicated period of time.

Example: “/effect give @a minecraft:bad_omen 12 12 true” – Gives the goal participant a “bad omen”.



Allows the participant to view, modify, or delete knowledge.

Play Sound Effects


Plays a selected sound to a selected participant at sure coordinates. Volume have to be at the very least “0.0”, pitch between “0.0 and 2.0”, and minimal quantity set between “0.0 and 1.0”.

Example: “/playsound minecraft:ambient.cave block @a 71 18 123 1.3 1.2 0.4” – Plays the Ambient Cave sound to each participant at 71/18/123 at a quantity of 1.3, pitch of 1.2, and minimal quantity of 0.4.



Executes a specified command on the location of the participant or entity specified, relative to the coordinates.

Set world spawn level

/setworldspawn [X] [Y] [Z]

Sets the world spawn when gamers be a part of to the coordinates.

Example: /setworldspawn [71] [71] [123] – Sets the world spawn level to 71/71/123.

Set spawn level

/spawnpoint [TARGET] [X] [Y] [Z]

Sets the required participant’s spawn level to the coordinates.

Example: /spawnpoint @a [71] [71] [123] – Sets all gamers spawn factors to 71/71/123.


/particle [PARTICLE NAME] [X] [Y] [Z] [DX] [DY] [DZ] [SPEED] [COUNT] [TARGET]

Shows a specified particle impact on the indicated coordinates to a selected participant on the indicated pace and depend.

Example: /particle minecraft:angry_villager 11 64 10 11 64 10 2 23 pressure – Displays the Angry Villager particle on the specified level of 11/64/10.



Create a set of cubes based mostly on the edges given in a sq. from two separate factors. The tiles made may be made hole, destroyed, an overview created, or “keep” to fill in all of the blocks in query.

Example: /fill 0 62 0 12 72 12 minecraft:water define – Fills from 0/62/Zero to 12/72/12 with water tiles.

Set Block

/setblock [x] [Y] [Z] [BLOCK NAME] [VALUE]

Changes the block location to the tile indicated. You can then select to maintain the block, substitute it, or destroy the tile.

Example: /setblock 29 62 -12 minecraft:red_wool substitute – Replaces the tile at 29/62/-12 to a Red Wool block.

Replace Item

/substitute merchandise [ENTITY] [ITEM] [QUANTITY] or /substitute merchandise [BLOCK] [X] [Y] [Z] [BLOCK TYPE] [QUANTITY]

Replaces the block or merchandise in a gamers stock with the block or merchandise indicated.

Example: /replaceitem entity [TARGET] armor.chest minecraft:diamond_chestplate 1 – Changes the merchandise within the armour slot for goal participant to Diamond Chestplate.

Tell Raw


For those that don’t communicate JSON, there’s a helpful little JSON generator for Minecraft that may help you in what you’re searching for.

/tellraw [PLAYER] [“”,{“text”:”HEROBRINE APPEARS! “},{“text”:”This is ok.”}] – Displays textual content saying “HEROBRINE APPEARS! This is fine.” to focus on participant.

Scoreboard & Trigger


Changes the scoreboard settings/choices with the knowledge used.


Adds or units the target specified to the worth indicated.

Spread Players

/spreadplayers [X] [Z] [Spread Distance] [Max Range] [RespectTeams] [TARGET]

Spreads gamers teleports to sure distances based mostly on the edges.

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