Megan Thee Stallion Is a ‘Stand Out With No Handouts’ in Flossy Pre-Graduation Photo Shoot

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Megan Thee Stallion

Forget doctoring up your mortar board, this matriculation season it’s all about B.A. bikinis. Megan Thee Stallion set the new standard for graduation gear on Thursday (Nov. 4) when she posted a series of photos from her non-conventional college celebration, which included a fleet of candy paint luxury cars and an electric purple honor cord and matching  purple bathing suit set.

And you know she had a classic catchphrase to match the occasion. “Showed my a– and still went to class,” Meg wrote on Instagram. “IMA ALWAYS STAND OUT WITH NO HANDOUTS doing everything they said I can’t/couldn’t ! Megan Thee Mf Stallion aka the mf Htown Hottie is graduating dec 11th from TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY now go and talk abt that !”

The electric blue, purple, gold and red whips around Meg hammered her message home, with the blue one rocking the “no handouts” credo in neon on the inside of the trunk. And she got plenty of well-wishes from her friends and peers, including Juicy J (“Congrats! Verse killer”), Baby Tate (“Love this!!! Congratulations Megan”) and Slim Thug, who gave her three sign of the horns emoji.

A second shoot had Meg wearing a short black dress as she posed across the huge TSU letters on the college’s campus, fanning herself with a custom bedazzled “Real Hot Girl S–t” mortar board, with TSU-themed nails to match, and teasing what one can only assume will be a smokin’ graduation party on the 11th.

Check out Megan’s graduation pics below.



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