Latest Cities: Skylines 2 Patch Resolves City Builder’s Trash and Stray Dog Issues

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Cities: Skylines 2 has actually gotten an additional hotfix, this time around one that quits your cities from overruning with rubbish and decreases the variety of roaming animals appearing around community. 

As exposed on the city building contractor’s Steam web page, Cities: Skylines 2 has actually been upgraded with the 1.0.13f1 hotfix. As you would certainly anticipate – considering that the game released with plenty of insects making it “unplayable” at one factor – a huge component of this spot is taking care of troubles. You can see the complete checklist by means of the web link over, yet we’re mosting likely to concentrate on 2 of the 18 solutions in this upgrade, the ones associated with rubbish and roaming animals. 

Earlier today, designer Colossal Order shared its normal CO Word of the Week article, which offered gamers a preference of the upgrade that’s currently reside in the sim. According to the article, a number of gamers experienced problems with rubbish, consisting of points like rubbish vehicles vanishing mid-journey, rubbish city solution structures avoiding rubbish from being accumulated, and much more. 

Thankfully, this newest spot made a variety of solutions consisting of: “Balanced Garbage production and accumulation calculations,” “fixed garbage truck accidentally adding garbage load when calculating garbage amount estimate for the path,” “fixed garbage resource ‘Trade value’ showing negative value in statistics,” and “balanced Incinerator Plant electricity output.”

The various other concern troubling gamers is the insect that was creating “an insane number of abandoned packs of dogs all over the city.” I believe that implies it’s their city currently. The great information is that individuals have actually obviously quit deserting their animals even the hotfix “balanced stray pets in the city.” According to that designer article, couples in Cities: Skylines 2 need to currently invite their companion’s pet dogs to the family members and not leave them behind – as they should!

“Plans to fix this issue caused immediate debate if we should turn this bug into a feature,” the article reviews, “I for one would definitely invite the concept of a pet sanctuary DLC with a lot of plans and all type of pets requiring rescue in the city!” Unfortunately, this is most absolutely not in the pipe right now as Cities Skylines 2 won’t get DLC until performance issues are fixed.

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