Jewel Shares the Story of How Her Duet with Olivia Rodrigo Came to Be and the Emotional Meeting That Brought Her to Tears


Singer- songwriter Jewel executes on the Main Stage throughout the very first day of The Wellness Experience by Kroger at The Banks on August 20, 2021 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Olivia Rodrigo welcomed Jewel to her phase in New York City previously today for an online efficiency of “You Were Meant for Me,” Jewel’s 1995 struck from her launching cd, Pieces ofYou On Saturday (April 13), Jewel clarified precisely just how that took place, and why linking with the young Guts vocalist was so psychological for her.

“Her team reached out a little bit before [the show],” Jewel informed followers regarding her Madison Square Garden look in a video clip posted to Instagram Saturday mid-day. “And I was excited because I was a fan of Olivia. I’ve been watching her career.”

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She proceeded, “I became aware of her I think during ‘Drivers License.’ I liked her ’90s aesthetic. It’s a little edgy but very approachable — and she’s writing. She’s writing these songs, and I love them. So I was excited to go out, I was excited to meet her.”

At Rodrigo’s April 9 show, the last of 4 Sour Tour reveals at the New York place, the pop celebrity presented Jewel to her followers by sharing that she would certainly pay attention to Pieces of You prior to she went to rest when she initially began getting involved in songwriting herself.

In Saturday’s video clip, Jewel referenced her very own experience in the songs market, keeping in mind, “Something a lot of people don’t realize or talk about in this industry is just how toxic it is. I’m very lucky, we’re all very lucky to get to do our job, but nobody talks about how toxic it is. This industry is like interacting with a poison. You have to have a plan. People will care if you’re famous, people will care if you’re making money … But nobody cares if you’re a good person. Nobody cares if you’re happy.”

The singer-songwriter obtained weepy as she shared her impression of Rodrigo after fulfilling her at Madison Square Garden.

“She’s a good person. She’s grounded and she’s heartfelt,” Jewel stated, including that “it really made me want to meet her parents.”

Fortunately for her, Rodrigo’s mother existed– and Jewel stated conference her ended up being “the thing that I loved the most.”

Jewel claims that a few of her favored tracks by Rodrigo consist of Sour hit “Deja Vu” and Guts‘ “Vampire.”

On her blog post, she included the complying with subtitle: “Yes. I cry musing about @oliviarodrigo. I can’t help it. I care so deeply about how women evolve in this industry. I love supporting women in this biz- lord knows we need all the support we can get. Esp learning how to navigate an industry that often chews folks up – that’s why I’m so proud of her and why I loved meeting her mom … her mom cried she met me… it was such s full circle moment … my music touched her mom when she was young, and she raised Olivia on my music, and then there we all were backstage tearing up about how wild life is.”

See Jewel’s vlog and pictures from the program on Instagram.



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