Intensified speculation surrounds Aerith’s fate in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth following teaser image of iconic airship

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
(Image credit rating: Square Enix)

A brand-new stack of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth information dropped today, and I are sorry for to educate you all that one relatively harmless coupon photo appears to have actually begun a fresh round of supposition concerning that will certainly live and that will certainly pass away in the following component of the remake.

I think I must go down a looter caution below, yet if you have actually in some way missed out on hearing concerning one of the most well-known story spin in the background of video clip games over the previous 26 years and you read concerning Rebirth currently, you’re currently an analytical abnormality. 

In the initial FF7, Sephiroth instead notoriously runs Aerith with, yet the FF7 Remake’s obvious rate of interest in making tweaks to the story and some vague teases in the early Rebirth trailers have long time followers hypothesizing that Square Enix plans to do something various this moment around.

Square appears bent on sustaining the fires of supposition over Aerith’s destiny, also. The firm simply launched a brand-new coupon photo including “Aerith Gainsborough and the Highwind,” the legendary aircraft that Cloud and the event take command of late in the initial game. Very late in the initial, actually – well after Aerith is dead. The ramifications are triggering some brand-new fires in the fandom. 

“They’re teasing that she might get to ride it this time,” Reddit user BoffademSwingin (deep sigh) claims. “Maybe her fate awaits in game three.”

“I don’t mind her surviving at all. In fact, I welcome it,” Robiiiinchwaaaan claims. “But Square, please, don’t kill off Tifa instead. I wouldn’t be able to take it!”

“Now Cloud finally has the chance to take her for a ride on the Highwind,” as StrifeNana on Twitter claims.

There’s a minute in the initial game where Aerith spots the Highwind, and later on asks Cloud if he assumes she could be able to board it sooner or later. You can pick Cloud’s reaction because series, and Aerith obtains extremely satisfied if you assure to take her aboard the ship. That makes it all the sadder when she’s eliminated prior to you obtain the possibility.

Images of Aerith looking up longingly at the Highwind have actually been around given that the initial game. In reality, this brand-new photo is a reimagining of the render that functioned as the cover art for the handbook consisted of in the initial PS1 game. So this brand-new photo is by no suggests a warranty that Aerith’s destiny will certainly be various in Rebirth, yet I can not assist yet assume that the devs recognize precisely what they’re doing by launching promo art with ramifications this filled.

The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth director says his cat won’t cameo again because he’d “like to think” it died in Remake. 



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