Helldivers 2 players discover cloaked gunships above Automaton worlds shortly after conquering Malevelon Creek

Helldivers 2
(Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios)

Helldivers 2 players might be in a spot of trouble, as they suspect they’ve sighted massive cloaked warships above Automaton-based worlds. 

Following a new Major Order, Helldivers 2 players have been going big on Malevelon Creek, to the point where they liberated the hellish world in just a few hours. It’s not all good news, though – according to the images below, Helldivers 2 players think they’ve spotted what appear to be gigantic shrouded warships in the atmosphere above Automaton worlds like Malevelon Creek.

Cloaked massive ships over Automaton worlds. from r/Helldivers

The first and second images are arguably the most convincing of the bunch, showing strange cloaked objects high above the hapless Helldivers, carving out menacing figures against the atmosphere.

“I’ve seen two just now,” chimes in the player below, further providing pretty convincing evidence about the whole debacle. “I thought they were bugged super destroyers at first, then I saw a super destroyer next to it and considering these are probably much further away, they’re massive,” another adds. One player hypothesizes that we might even be boarding Automaton ships like these, but that’s a lot of wishful thinking.

Comment from r/Helldivers

Some players aren’t convinced, though. “It just looks like a low poly LOD of a destroyer that is incorrectly getting loaded into the scene much closer than it should be,” writes one player, and another agrees that it’s likely the “correct and boring answer” for the entire situation. Despite the admittedly convincing evidence, we could simply be looking at a minor technical error.

Elsewhere, Helldivers 2’s new Quasar Cannon Stratagem is a huge hit among players, and you can tell it’s popular because developer Arrowhead Game Studios has already had to step in to nerf the huge weapon.

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