Helldivers 2 Director Encourages Players to Choose Favorite Gun, Regardless of Meta

Helldivers 2 weapons
(Image credit history: Arrowhead Game Studios)

In the face of continuous discussions regarding which tools are the most effective in the game, Helldivers 2’s supervisor has actually recommended gamers to simply “use the one you like the most” due to the fact that there are numerous statistics gamers can not see anyways.

Online games are virtually constantly the topic of ‘meta’ discussions nowadays, and Helldivers 2 is no exemption. Players have actually been attempting to reason which tool, shield construct, and Stratagems are the most effective in the game, and actually, the initial classification has actually been such a heated up subject of argument that some top-level gamers will certainly kick team friends from a suit if they’re not making use of the similarity the elite Breaker Shotgun.

At stated value, Helldivers 2 presents you with the exact same 4 data for each tool: damages, capability, recoil, and fire price. However, according to the tweet from game supervisor Johan Pilestedt simply below, there have to do with 50 specific data for each solitary weapon in Helldivers 2 – the game simply does not show every stat for gamers to see. 

As an outcome, Pilestedt informs gamers to simply “use the one you like the most,” as the “numbers are a guideline but does not paint a complete picture.” It’s difficult to recognize what various other data are factored right into every tool behind the scenes, however it’s extremely simple to state that they all feed back right into the tool itself in a purposeful method.

There are some gamers demanding Helldivers 2 to show all 50-odd tool statistics for each weapon in the real game itself. I’d state that’s type of misreading – Helldivers 2 does not show every tool stat due to the fact that the devs simply desire gamers to have a good time and utilize what makes them delighted, which Pilestedt himself actually states in his tweet. 

Not showing every tool stat in Helldivers 2 isn’t some mistakenly oversight from Arrowhead Game Studios – it’s an extremely intentional selection. So following time you consider raving versus an additional gamer for passing by the Breaker Shotgun, or the effective Railgun Stratagem, possibly quit and consider the designer’s intents. Also, loosen up.  

Helldivers 2’s initial equilibrium spot is coming quickly, which need to absolutely assist to deal with the Breaker Shotgun’s peak placement. 

Make certain to take a look at our Helldivers 2 roadmap and future updates for a total appearance in advance at what’s ahead for the game. 


Source: gamesradar.com

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