GTA 5: What Was Found in the Source Code: Beta Versions of Endings, Canceled Story DLCs, and More

Two months have passed since the release of the source code for GTA 5. There are far more interesting details than it seemed at a first (and second) glance.

Alternative Deaths

Both non-canonical endings were conceived differently.

  • Franklin drops Michael onto the blades of a police helicopter.
  • Trevor is frozen in liquid nitrogen (a scene similar to the ending of “Terminator 2”), and Michael smashes him with a piece of wood. The remaining textures in Trevor’s model could relate to this.

Textures that could remain from Trevor being frozen in liquid nitrogen.

Textures that could remain from Trevor being frozen in liquid nitrogen.

Unreleased Story Add-Ons

There were many planned DLCs for “GTA 5”. Some are more known than others.

  • “Agent Trevor” was partly reworked into the “Doomsday Heist” for GTA Online. It featured not only AI Clifford, but also a list of characters including both familiar (Ron, Wade, Agent 14, who was originally blonde, actor Jack Howitzer, Simeon, agent Karen/Michelle) and new ones (Galina and Kirill Sorokins, Vasily, Dr. Minton, and others). This spy story involved Koreans, Russians, and the CIA, and one of the battles could occur in space using lasers. Mentions of a harpoon and crossbow, which never appeared in the game, as well as a jetpack, the amphibious vehicle Stromberg, and drones, which were later added to “Online”.
  • DLC Norman revolved around a zombie apocalypse in Los Santos and Blaine County. The main characters were Michael and his children, Tracey and Jimmy. There’s speculation that during an attack on the De Santa household, Amanda was infected, leading the family to search for a cure. Buildings with INFECT graffiti from the partially destroyed city were later used in the Arena.
  • An add-on with Franklin in the lead role was about an alien invasion, during which Mount Chiliad splits in half to reveal a UFO (probably the notorious mystery of that place – hinted at in the main story as a prelude to such a continuation). Afterward, the aliens, seeking oil and water, destroy a good portion of the game world. An image of alien creatures that could be painted on the office garage floor is likely an illustration to this DLC. Other phenomena like the arrival of flying saucers and Halloween weather might have been developments of that project.

A flooring option in the GTA Online office garage.

  • Almost nothing is known about the addon Mahnunt. Clearly named after the duology released in 2003-2007. All that remains is the Please Stop Me mask, distributed to everyone who completed the “Survivors Team” playlist from October 3-5, 2014.

The Please Stop Me mask — a rare find in

Other Cut Content

  • Horse riding was entirely possible in GTA 5. There was a race track and La Fuente Blanca ranch with stables, and plans for a lasso and a special vehicle for transporting horses. Due to animation issues, this idea was not finalized.
  • For the Sharmoota Job heist, the following clothing items were available.

This clothing bears the designation 'Mime'.

This clothing bears the designation 'Mime'.

This clothing bears the designation 'Mime'.

  • At least six locations had interiors removed from the final game. Another building, the Vagos base opposite the specified strip club, was completely removed.

This building in Strawberry had a boxing section planned.

One of the possible gang hideouts — near Los Santos Customs in La Mesa.

It was planned for the strip club in West Vinewood to open its doors.

One can only speculate what was to take place in The Emissary hotel on Legion Square.

One of the trailers in Sandy Shores, not far from where Trevor lived and wreaked havoc.

Who wouldn't want to visit the city hall?

The Vagos base that was cut from the game.

Blueprints of that Vagos base.

Additional Notes

  • One of the projects was named Meridian, but it’s unknown what exactly it referred to. There’s a theory it could have been something set in the Middle Ages that vanished during the conceptual phase.
  • Additionally, the GTA 5 source code revealed various Rockstar logos, numerous memes, funny developer comments, and an image of a pink pony .

I won’t even pretend to understand what the **** is going on here.

This is the crappiest code in the entire game.

Just **** kill me!

Various Rockstar logos in the GTA 5 source code.

For better visualization, we recommend watching two videos that summarize this topic. The last video was banned by the copyright holder on YouTube and Twitter.