GOG's Insomnia Sale is now on

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There wasn't a screenshot of Geralt holding a big chocolate egg.
There wasn’t a screenshot of Geralt holding a big chocolate egg.

Easter is here, and for those in the UK, that means a four-day weekend surrounded by chocolate, full of roast animal and with little reason to do anything but play excellent games. To that end, GOG has launched its annual Insomnia Sale, allowing you to stock up at bargain prices before entering videogame hibernation.

This sale is your opportunity to get The Witcher 3 at its lowest-ever price on GOG: an improbable $25. Joining it will be a selection of games “never before seen on GOG.com” along with the disclaimer that many of these deals will be available in very limited quantities. One game goes up and stays on sale until stocks run out, then it’s the next game’s turn. The ‘Insomnia’ bit refers to the unblinking focus with which you’ll need to watch the storefront for the best games—quite the opposite of how Steam runs its sales these days.

If you somehow manage to remain alert enough to pick up 10 games in the course of the sale, GOG will give you another random game free.


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