Ghost Recon Breakpoint Titan Zeta raid boss information

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ghost recon breakpoint - cerberus

This is it, the ultimate raid boss within the first Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid. This struggle is technically three in a single, as Cerberus has three particular person drones, all joined along with a neural hyperlink. What’s worse, every one has its personal distinctive assaults, smaller drones will frequently distract you, and certainly one of them even has a flashbang to blind your staff quickly. This is one more struggle that requires fixed communication and really completely different techniques for every drone.

ghost recon breakpoint cerberus

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Titan Zeta raid boss information

Our Ghost Recon Breakpoint Titan Zeta raid boss information has ideas and tips for defeating the fourth and closing raid boss of Project Titan – Cerberus.

ghost recon breakpoint cerberus 3

Titan Zeta raid boss – Phase 1

Titan Zeta is made up of three drones. You’ll must preserve their consideration always, in any other case, they’ll shut ranks and start to regenerate their well being. I counsel a staff of three assault and one medic to stay to the perimeter and revive gamers when wanted.

Before the struggle begins, select between you which ones drone the assault gamers are going to sprint in the direction of. As quickly as you get shut, the ground beneath will shimmer, indicating that you simply’re now being focused by that drone. Stick to the outer perimeters and run in a clockwise course always. Each drone has its personal distinctive assault which is simpler to clarify through the use of their positions as seen from the beginning of the struggle.

  • Left Drone: This drone has a concentrating on laser that expenses up. If it locks on, it can hearth a sniper rifle shot to immediately knock out the focused participant. Shoot the laser to cease the cost.
  • Middle Drone: Keep an eye fixed on the Gatling Guns to the perimeters of this drone. It will lock onto you and start firing a volley of bullets. Keep working sideways to keep away from the rounds.
  • Right Drone:  It can hearth rockets at a selected level, highlighted with a circle. Run out of the world to keep away from harm. If you’re hit, it gained’t immediately kill you, so attempt to heal up with syringes when you’re caught within the blast.

All of the titans can slam the bottom when you’re too shut, wiping out your stamina and hurting you with electrical energy, so attempt to not get too shut after getting their consideration. There are different assaults that everybody must be holding a look ahead to. Upon listening to a high-pitched shrill, let your teammates know because the boss drones are about to emit a flash. Everyone ought to look away from the bosses for a number of seconds, in any other case, you’ll be blinded with a vivid gentle for a very long time. This is particularly necessary for the second part of the struggle.

You also needs to preserve an ear out for a klaxon that can sound often, heralding within the arrival of a number of smaller drones. Take them out as quickly as they seem, particularly when you’re not being focused by one of many three bigger boss drones. There shall be occasions the place you want to take the warmth off different gamers, so whenever you conform to have the boss drones change targets, run to the following one in entrance of you till the bottom shimmers.

If a participant is taken out, have the medic seize the downed participant’s boss drone’s consideration earlier than reviving. You need to keep the boss drone’s triangular formation as a lot as attainable to stop it from regenerating. It’s additionally simpler to handle the boss drones on this formation. Try to additionally preserve harm to every boss drone as evenly as attainable. This will make the later components of the struggle somewhat simpler to cope with.

ghost recon breakpoint cerberus 2

Titan Zeta raid boss – Phase 2

When all the drones are round half well being, a yellow beam of sunshine will seem beneath them. This will then hint a beam between them and the centre of the sector between the three drones will flip pink. This is an instantaneous kill zone that may transfer round when you’re not cautious. Stick to the outer perimeters and area out as a lot as attainable to maintain the drones transferring in a neat circle.

Otherwise, the technique stays precisely the identical as in Phase 1. Keep their well being as at the same time as attainable in order that when the boss drones are all the way down to a sliver of well being, you possibly can take all of them down as shortly as attainable.

ghost recon breakpoint - project titan

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Project Titan raid boss guides

You ought to now have accomplished the ultimate raid boss and accomplished the Project Titan raid, congratulations! If you do need to undergo it once more and want a reference for how one can defeat all of the raid bosses for higher loot, then you definitely’ll discover remainder of the guides for every of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid bosses under:

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