Ghost Recon Breakpoint Titan Omega raid boss information

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ghost recon breakpoint gargoyle

The third raid boss within the Project Titan raid in Ghost Recon Breakpoint that we’ll be speaking about is Titan Omega – in any other case often known as Gargoyle. This flying drone is kinda massive, however the primary challenge is the sector itself. Lasers will dart throughout the battlefield at various heights, that means that you’ll want to climb some ledges or duck below the lasers as they go. Worse nonetheless, drones will frequently be known as in to take you out, and the boss has an on the spot kill transfer. But don’t fear, we’ve bought all the information you’ll want to defeat Gargoyle.

ghost recon breakpoint gargoyle

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Titan Omega raid boss information

Our Ghost Recon Breakpoint Titan Omega raid boss information has ideas and methods for defeating the third raid boss of Project Titan – Gargoyle.

ghost recon breakpoint gargoyle 3

Titan Omega raid boss – Phase 1

Gargoyle has one weak level – the blue gentle on its underbelly. It’ll all the time have this on present, so you’ll be able to deal harm to it at any time when you will have a free second. However, the boss has a number of assaults that you must all the time prioritise avoiding over dealing harm.

Arena lasers

First and foremost, hear out for one thing charging up. These might be some lasers on the western and japanese sides of the sector. When absolutely charged, they are going to go via the sector at sure ranges, immediately knocking out anybody it touches. The lasers on each side are all the time the identical, so should you see the western facet’s lasers, the japanese facet’s lasers would be the very same configuration. Luckily, the sector has some conveniently positioned platforms in every of the corners of the room, every of which has two ranges that you may climb up on prime of. In order to dodge the lasers, right here’s the place you’ll want to go:

  • Top laser: Stay on floor degree and go susceptible.
  • Middle laser: Either go susceptible at floor degree or climb the platform to the highest degree.
  • Bottom laser: Climb up the platform at the least one degree.

Gargoyle’s instant-kill assault

Another key assault to concentrate on is when the Gargoyle flies to the center. It’ll open two of its 4 flaps and ultimately assault with an instant-killing pulse. These are factors which have a small yellow icon on them when closed and the flaps on each side of Gargoyle are in the identical spots. The open flaps will all the time be on reverse sides of the drone, so be sure that each side are coated by your squad by sticking to the 4 corners of the sector. You don’t want this instant-kill assault to occur, so shoot the open hatches on its facet which can glow in white when open. If you might be profitable in stopping this assault, Gargoyle will grow to be unstable for a short second.

ghost recon breakpoint gargoyles 1

Red circles point out the place to shoot. It’s the identical structure the opposite facet.

Electrical pulses

As if there isn’t sufficient to maintain monitor of, you’ll additionally must look out for purple circles round you. If this occurs, run to the center of the sector or a far nook of it as shortly as you’ll be able to. Gargoyle will in some unspecified time in the future finalise the place it needs to drop some lingering electrical pulses and the very last thing you need is for the boss to cowl the platforms you utilize to keep away from the laser with electrical pulses. These don’t kill immediately, however deal a small quantity of harm over time – longer than the time it takes for the lasers to cost up and go over you.

If you ever hear a siren, it signifies that a bunch of smaller drones are about to hitch the celebration. These are extra of a nuisance than the rest, however their purpose is to distract your consideration lengthy sufficient for both the lasers to go via you, or permit Gargoyle to unleash both of its different assaults. Make positive you all the time maintain a detailed eye on the boss and the lasers, calling out should you spot any modifications to your teammates.

ghost recon breakpoint gargoyle

Titan Omega raid boss – Phase 2

The primary distinction between phases is the variety of lasers which might be being despatched throughout the display screen has elevated by one. This means you’ll must dodge the lasers in very particular methods. You ought to be calling out any time you see the lasers as you don’t have very lengthy to get into place. Here are the brand new configurations for the lasers:

  • Top + Middle laser: Stay at floor degree and go susceptible.
  • Bottom + Middle laser: Climb to the highest degree.
  • Top + Bottom laser: Climb to the center degree and go susceptible.

Aside from the extra lasers, there are actually extra locations – a complete of 4 – the place Gargoyle must be shot at to cease its instant-kill assault. When Gargoyle has very low well being, it would start spamming the instant-kill assault till it’s destroyed. Just stay affected person and shoot the spots after they open, along with your downtime used to hit its glowing blue weak level. I’d not suggest utilizing LMGs for this battle as they take a very long time to reload, so be sure you handle your ammo rigorously. No drones, lasers, or electrical pulses seem on this part, so simply maintain at it and also you’ll defeat the boss.

ghost recon breakpoint - project titan

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Project Titan raid boss guides

You ought to now have accomplished the third raid boss. It’s simply the one left – Cerberus, however we’ve put the remainder of the guides for every of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid bosses beneath:

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