Genital Jousting is a sport about, um, effectively, it’s precisely what the title says

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The newest multiplayer sport from the parents who introduced you Broforce is filled with dicks. Literally.

I child you not. Just watch the trailer.

Titled Genital Jousting, Free Lives and Developer Digital introduced the mind-boggling and shake your head humorous sport at present.

It is up on Steam Early Access, and can run you $four.99.

Below is the blurb straight from Devolver. I wouldn’t give you the option do it justice by summarizing it for you.

“Genital Jousting is an online and local multiplayer party game about flaccid penises and wiggly anuses for up to eight players at once. Players control a detached penis complete with testicles and an anus in a variety of game modes, each featuring a stimulating orgy of objectives: Penetrate and be penetrated as fast as possible or compete in absurd, silly and sexually suggestive games and challenges.”

See what I imply? My interior juvenile is ranging to return out at this level. But I’ll restrain myself. Man, I get uninterested in doing that.

Anyway, throughout Early Access, Free Lives will proceed to replace the sport with extra options, sport modes, challenges, and equipment which may be custom-made on your digital Johnson.

For extra info on Devolver’s newest bout of loopy, hit up the hyperlinks.