Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s full 5 minute intro film is revealed

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The Final Fantasy VII Remake remains to be about two months away—now scheduled for April 10th—however the advertising and marketing machine is spinning up and there’s no stopping it now. We nonetheless don’t know for certain if it’s coming to PC however frankly I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t wind up in our palms when the year-long PlayStation exclusivity ends in 2021.

Today Square Enix have shared your complete intro film for the game and it’s a whopping 5 minutes that goes virtually shot-for-shot with the unique. It does have some new bits of its personal added in, you recognize, to point out that point has handed.

Alright, very first thing’s first, go forward and watch it. It’s 5 minutes however I’ll wait. You deserve to take a seat by way of all that re-orchestrated music that Katharine gushed about within the throes of her Final Fantasy 7 remake hype.

If you performed the unique, you’ll acknowledge quite a lot of the photographs. Aerith Gainsborough and her basket of flowers are lurking in a darkish alleyway in Midgar. It pulls again exhibiting off the scope of the immense, round metropolis—slicing backwards and forwards between town and the arrival prepare the place Cloud and co leap off. The new bit is principally the primary minute and a half exhibiting the deserts exterior town and regular human life happening because it does across the wilting flora.

Here’s the unique intro, a a lot shorter two and a half minutes, to refresh your reminiscence.

It is neat to see the 2 back-to-back, highlighting how our expectations have modified over time. What was made to seem like an enormous fashionable metropolis within the unique FF7 appears quaint now, however the remake has given us a brand new model that appears simply as spectacular to the fashionable eye as I think about the unique as soon as did. It makes me surprise what a remake of The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion’s intro would seem like with at this time’s tech.

Anyhow, there it’s recent off the press and whatnot. Final Fantasy 7 Remake will probably be unique to PlayStation till April of 2021, Square Enix confirmed earlier this month. They’ve but to truly verify {that a} PC launch will observe on the heels of that exclusivity interval, however you’d think about they wouldn’t hassle reiterating except there have been plans for some non-PS launch after.


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