Fallout 76 participant units up base-camp for incoming raid

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One resourceful survivor has created a hangout spot for Fallout 76’s first raid.

Maligned sandbox Fallout 76 will soon be getting four-player raids. Vault 94 is able to open, with treasures and horrors awaiting plucky adventurers who courageous its depths.

But what if you happen to don’t have friends? What if you happen to’d like to relax out earlier than placing your self in mortal hazard? One would-be atomic barman has simply the place for you.

Enter: The Group Finder. A multipurpose tavern, farm, and provide depot set as much as be sure to’re in tip-top form for the approaching raid.

“I am trying to keep stocked with cheap aid and gear (donations are welcome), workbenches-a-plenty, a cool-and-calm bar, social lounge, and most instruments,” mentioned creator SouthBeachSarcastic, asserting the hub on Reddit.

“I know it really isn’t much but I truly wanted a social space for everyone to get together and share their findings, trade gear, meet new people.”

SouthBeachSarcastic careworn that he’s just one man on one server. But he hopes it will kick off comparable initiatives, making a tradition of neighborhood across the game’s first raid.

It’s notably useful given Fallout 76 doesn’t actually have its personal group finder for large occasions. That’s topic to vary, thoughts. But for now, your finest wager might be neighborhood hubs like this.

To get in on The Group Finder, search for Austinjv60 on PC Fallout 76 servers.