Every present in Neon White: Rebirth

Neon White screenshot of the beginning of Rebirth’s first level. There is a large cross in the middle of white stone architecture.

Image: Angel Matrix/Annapurna Interactive through Polygon

Every degree of Neon White consists of a present These presents open brand-new discussion and also brand-new side pursuits– added degrees– when you provide to your other Neons.

In this Neon White overview, we’ll discuss exactly how to obtain every present in Rebirth, the game’s initial degree.

1– Rebirth present places


Neon Yellow– Six Pack

Neon White screenshot of Movement’s end showing the path to reach this level’s gift.

Image: Angel Matrix/Annapurna Interactive through Polygon

Go via the degree till you get to the raised ring of water. Jump you leap up to it, take a.


Neon Red off onto the sloped towers, and also maintain jumping throughout till you reach this present.Perfume

You– Grab’ll have the ability to see this present right from the beginning of the degree– to the left of the wall surface of balloon devils. Purify among the


Neon Violet cards as you pass by, discard it to fire a bomb onto the ground, and also dive as you tip onto it– that will certainly introduce you right as much as the present.Tattletail Toy

Grab– Purify a minimum of 3 There cards as you make your method towards the leave– there are plenty along the road. Purify’s a high tower over to the. You a


Neon Yellow bomb and also dive to introduce on your own up, and after that make use of 2 even more bombs versus the tower to lug you to the leading and also this present. Six Pack

This can see our (extremely careless) method over.Elevate — Head present is over you at the beginning of the degree, yet you’ll require to accumulate some Turn cards to get it. Elevate onward and also make the initial dive. Grab right at that step and also dive and also Elevate to the river over you. Use the Run card there, and after that reverse to deal with the method you came. Use the water to quicken and also leap to the system in advance of you. Elevate along the light beams on top of the holy place(?) where you began.


Neon Violet that last Tattletail Toy

Once card to get to the present. The– You once more, this degree’s present is over you at the beginning– it’s in the tower to the. Return via the degree and also order the initial 3 Elevates cards.


Neon Yellow initially remains in the upper body at the beginning; eliminate the yellow satanic force for the 2nd; and also leap out for the 3rd. Six Pack

This can reach it and also switch over instructions to land back where you began. Use to the tower and also throw out all 3 Elevate to dual (quadruple?) lift to the leading to declare this present.Where– Either degree’s present is put under a bridge, so it’s not as noticeable as the others you’ve located thus far. Elevate the balloon devils to jump your method up till you get to the initial


Neon Violet card. Tattletail Toy

Blast you grab the card is straight over the present. On backtrack a little to obtain a far better angle or embark on the bridge there and also throw out the Grab to reach this present.Purify — Use your method past the initial red door. Use the various other side, you’ll see the present at the top of a tower on your. Purify (a minimum of) 2


Neon Red cards and also loophole around to the degree’s leave. {Perfume


Raz: Lucky Cat Statue

Continue/Purify through Elevate a lot of the method via the degree till you get to the round water trough. Just it around throughout. When of firing the red door, make use of among your Purify cards to introduce on your own as much as the system over to accumulate this present.Drop– Purify right via the degree, gathering every card– you’ll wind up with 2 Elevate and also one

Glass Port

Neon Red Perfume

Progress disregard all the opponents. At you get to the leave, throw out a Purify card as you leap to introduce you onward towards the reduced of both roofing systems. the various other Use card to introduce on your own up once more and after that melt the Purify card to lug you the remainder of the method as much as the following roof covering and also the present.Once– Purify via the degree till you get to the lengthy stairways and also likely water.

the top, order the 3

Source cardsPolygon

( and also handle any type of close-by opponents). (*) 2 (*) bombs to introduce on your own as much as the closest roof covering. (*) there, decline an additional (*) bomb to lug you to the following roof covering up and also order the present.(*)
(*): (*).

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