Dragon Age: The Veilguard’s Insights on the Name Change and Solas’ Role in the Plot

Dragon Age: The Veilguard Dreadwolf Game Informer Cover Story

Dragon Age 4 was disclosed years ago under the nameDragon Age: Dreadwolf However, with apparently months to precede the game’s autumn 2024 launch,BioWare announced it was changing the name to Dragon Age: The Veilguard Ahead of that statement, Game Informer checked out BioWare’s Edmonton workplace for an unique check out the game for ourDragon Age: The Veilguard cover story It’s right here we found out that the name had actually transformed.

I talked to numerous Veilguard leads for the cover tale, and among the very first inquiries I asked each of them was, “Why the name change?” Here’s what each informed me:

BioWare’s Leads On Changing The Name To Dragon Age: The Veilguard

Veilguard game supervisor Corinne Busche: “First of all, I would certainly claim that these games are representations of the groups that make them, and as component of that, it implies we discover a whole lot regarding what the body and soul of the game truly is as we’re creating it. And we promptly found out and recognized that the outright pounding heart of this game are these genuine varied buddies. When we took a go back, as we constantly do, we constantly inspect our choices and see to it that they still stand for the game we’re attempting to develop. It simply seemed like we required a title that represented what this game was really around.

Now, I intend to be clear: I love Solas [and] he plays an essential duty in the game, however this is not a game regardingSolas So in all points we do, attempting to record that genuine experience, we really felt the title truly required to transform.”

Veilguard innovative supervisor John Epler: “Dragon Age has actually constantly had to do with personalities, not simply the bad guys, however likewise your group, your buddies, the various other personalities worldwide. And as we were constructing Dragon Age: The Veilguard– there’s this example I such as to make use of, which is, ‘If you intend to sculpt an elephant out of marble, you simply take an item of marble and get rid of whatever that does not appear like an elephant.’ As we were constructing this game, it came to be truly clear that it was much less that we were attempting to make The Veilguard and even more like The Veilguard was forming as we constructed thegame

Solas is still a main number in it. He’s still a substantial personality. But truly, the emphasis moves to the group. It’s regarding individuals you hire. It’s regarding quiting completion of the globe with this team of professionals, these exceptionally fascinating and varied personalities that you hire right into your group. [We] recognized Dreadwolf recommends a title concentrated on a certain person, whereas The Veilguard, just like Inquisition, concentrates much more on the group.”

BioWare basic supervisor Gary McKay: “First, allow me claim: Solas is still significantly component of thisgame This is definitely nothing to claim that he’s taking a rear. But when we reviewed what was truly the heart beat of this game, we truly saw the buddies leaping out at us. I assume you might suggest [these companions] are the very best the franchise business has actually ever before seen. We have 7 exceptionally distinct personalities, each with their very own characters, inspirations; they have deep tales, and you have a possibility to truly connect with these personalities in a manner that both forms their tale however likewise affects the major tale, right to having a possibility to affect their destiny.

It’s not simply the tale; they are likewise essential to the gameplay too. And so when you check out it from truly what the heart beat of this game is, the focal point of the game, it has to do with the buddies– theVeilguard We really felt that the title required to show what we assumed the focal point of this game was.”

Former Dragon Age exec manufacturer and Veilguard expert Mark Darrah: “I think it’s absolutely the right choice. Names can take on a momentum. Arguably, this game has kind of, in a way, been called Dreadwolf to some degree since its earlier days. As the game evolved, as [BioWare] figured out exactly what it was, it’s very mature to step back and say, ‘We called it something. Does it really still reflect what the game is?’ And I think the fact the team was willing to take that step is amazing, and I think this is absolutely the right decision.”

The Solas In The Room

Dragon Age: The Veilguard Dreadwolf Game Informer Cover Story

When I inquire about Solas’ duty in the tale after I discover his name is no more in the game title, Darrah states Veilguard is still taking the Elven God’s story in an excellent instructions. He includes, “It allows us to, hopefully, give a good conclusion to all the varied attitudes toward Solas that are going to be coming from people who love Solas, who agree with Solas, who hate Solas, people who want to kick Solas off of a building – I think that we give you the opportunity to bring that to a close, but then tell a greater story about The Veilguard and about the world as a whole.”

Talking to Epler, I discover more regarding just how Solas isn’t specifically the huge negative I anticipated in the past seeing the opening hours ofVeilguard There’s a whole lot much more subtlety to every person’s preferred hairless fairy.

“The most interesting villains to myself, and honestly most people, are not just straight up, ‘I want to end the world.’ To them, they are the heroes of the story, and Solas is no exception,” Epler informs me. “Solas constantly really feels that he is an awful hero however a hero however, so he’s entering into this thinking strongly that what he did, that which you quit him from doing, was the ideal point– that you slipped up. But currently he’s entraped and can not connect and proactively impact [Thedas], so he requires to collaborate with you.

“That allows us to provide a lot of nuance to that relationship,” Epler states.

If you’re questioning what Epler implies when he states Solas entraped, it’s rather actual– in the game’s beginning, which belongs to the 20-minute gameplay section BioWare just recently launched (the above video clip), the player-character Rook and buddies Lace Harding, Varric Tethras, and Neve Gallus quit Solas’ effort to ruin the Veil, an obstacle in between the enchanting Fade andThedas I will not ruin specifically what occurs right here, however Rook loses consciousness minutes later on and gets up in a dream-like landscape to the voice of Solas himself … due to the fact that he’s entraped right here.

He describes he was trying to relocate the Elgar’nan and Ghilan’nain, both of whom belong to the Evanuris or Elven gods of old times, to a brand-new jail due to the fact that the old one was no more having them correctly. Unfortunately for Solas, he’s entraped right here– the Fade– by our doing and Elgar’nan and Ghilan’nain are totally free, blighted, and roamingThedas It’s approximately Rook to quit them, however it appears they’ll need to collaborate with Solas (or a minimum of pay attention to his advice and guidance) to do so.

“So one of the principles we took to when we were building the story of The Veilguard early on was we wanted the beginning of the game to feel like the final chapter of an earlier story and you’re coming in right at the end, you’re coming in as if you’ve been chasing Solas – the [Solas at the end of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC] who said he was going to end the world and tear down the Veil,” Epler includes.

Epler states gamers will certainly see at an early stage (and as the story establishes throughout Veilguard) that Solas sees much of himself in you, the player-controlled Rook, specifically “the parts that maybe he doesn’t like to face.” As an outcome, there’s a fascinating press and draw in between Solas andRook He states gamers can specify the partnership in between these 2 personalities with their selections in discussion.

“You can continue to be suspicious and hostile towards him, or you can start to see him and find that common ground, that connection between the two of you, and really develop a different relationship over the course of the story,” Epler states.

For much more regarding the game, consisting of special information, meetings, video clip attributes, and much more, click the Dragon Age: The Veilguard center switch listed below.


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