Destiny 2 begins the Vex Offensive’s Final Assault

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After a six-week Blue Peter enchantment asking heroes to ship in any Vex elements they could have kicked off time-travelling robots, Destiny 2 has completed constructing a gadget to start the Final Assault of the Vex Offensive. It’s a really Guardian-y plan to cease a foe who exists in myriad timelines: simply hold killing them till you’ve obtained all of them. The actuality is a bit disappointing, only a new boss on the finish of the identical outdated six-player cooperative mode – and we don’t even enter by way of the ‘portal’ we helped construct within the Tower. But hey, now you can full your season title.

Turns out, the portal-lookin’ machine Ikora has been constructing within the coronary heart of humanity’s final bastion is, sensibly, not a portal summoning an alien overlord. We don’t warp by way of it. It doesn’t even actually mild up. Instead, it’s some form of timevacuum that fires up within the ultimate part of Vex Offensive to summon an enormous Hydra as a substitute of that robolad. We’ve been advised that was the plan all alongside however in phrases imprecise sufficient that, y’know, I hoped to leap by way of a portal and see one thing new and even draw the boss out into our world.

Final Assault is only a new boss fought within the outdated manner. We battle by way of the identical outdated phases: kill trash robots, zap the boss’s shields down, injury the boss, then comply with the Undying Mind to a different cease if the shields come again up earlier than it dies. It’s even perhaps simpler than the outdated lad. Oh properly.

Final Assault beginning does imply it’s now doable to finish the seasonal triumph, which requires three kills of the brand new boss. Do that (and full all the opposite triumphs, obvs) and you’ll showcase with the Undying title. You get an emblem for full Final Assault too, and it does seem-to be additional beneficiant with drops of the seasonal assault rifle and LMG. Or possibly I used to be fortunate.

Vex Offensive: Final Assault shall be obtainable for 3 weeks, resulting in the tip of the season on December 10th. After that, we’ll enter the Season Of Dawn. Fingers crossed for one thing thrilling coming within the run-up to that. Or at the least more pretty.