Cyber-cult RTS Re-Legion prays for an early 2019 launch

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Being a cyberpunk cult chief in Re-Legion doesn’t look straightforward – for starters, the place do you get so many tastefully coordinated purple robes? And then there’s the issue of assembling your flock. Unlike most real-time technique games, Ice Code’s upcoming RTS (now due in 2019’s first quarter) makes folks your main useful resource. You can’t simply click on on a barracks and magically spawn troopers, proper? You’ve bought to transform them, then have them pray, prepare them after which start upgrading them in worrying methods. Take a peek at some messy laser battles within the trailer under.

While I used to be anticipating one thing extra Syndicate-like from Re-Legion (Syndicate Wars, particularly), the brand new trailer paints it as a considerably extra conventional RTS with some twists. Rather than mining Vespene fuel to smelt into troopers, you’ve bought to recruit the locals and use them for utility functions (like prayer or hacking) or ship them to the entrance strains to battle. It does appear that larger tier models want augmenting, although. There’s maybe slightly Sacrifice within the design right here, however the conventional RTS map and hotkey panel recommend one thing slightly extra typical.

I do just like the aesthetic of the game. Syndicate, Satellite Reign and something with wet neon cyberpunk streets is my jam, and the messy laser-tracer results on gunfights look oddly satisfying. Interestingly, Ice Code haven’t talked about multiplayer, however have stated they’re specializing in the single-player story facet of issues with an eye fixed to replayability. Players will determine whether or not the prophet Elion is elevating this military for egocentric or altruistic ends and decide numerous dogmas to determine merciful or vengeful their cyber-god shall be. An fascinating twist.

Re-Legion launches within the first quarter of 2019, though writer 1C don’t have a precise date labored out but. You can discover it here on Steam and its official page here.


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