CS2 Beta update from 6/30/2023 (v1.38.9.4)

CS2 Beta update from 6/30/2023 (v1.38.9.4)

The CS2 development team has recently released a comprehensive update, dated June 30, 2023. In an attempt to provide a more stable and enjoyable gaming experience, they have launched several corrections and improvements in areas such as map adjustments, buy menu fixes, loadout functionality, and miscellaneous gameplay enhancements.


[ Gameplay ]

  • Added Casual game mode.

[ Shooting ]

  • Fixed rare cases where bullets would not follow spray pattern.

[ Maps ]

  • Added Nuke to Deathmatch, Casual, and Competitive game modes.
  • Added Office to Deathmatch and Casual game modes.
  • Removed Mirage.

[ Audio ]

  • Added distance effects to all positional sound sources.
  • Improvements to 3d sound processing.
  • General mix tweaks and improvements.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes sounds would not respect the occlusion values of surrounding geometry resulting in sources appearing closer than what they were.
  • Fixed missing low frequencies at certain distances away from sound sources such as grenades and weapon fire.
  • Fixed a bug where some sounds would be slightly louder or quieter depending on the listeners orientation.
  • Added music cues to Match Accept and Loading screens.
  • Added unique audio occlusion layer to help with vertical sound positioning in Nuke.

[ Animation ]

  • Grenades can now be inspected.
  • Improved healthshot animations
  • Improved inspect behavior for various weapons

[ Movement ]

  • Fixed cases of unintended slow crouch/uncrouch.
  • Bunny hopping feel should now closely match CS:GO running at 128 tick.
  • Added convar sv_jump_spam_penalty_time to allow fine tuning of bunny hop feel.
  • The readout for cl_showpos has been enhanced to show the maximum speed of the last 3 seconds; this number is in parenthesis on the ‘vel’ line
  • Players can no longer jump at the end of warmup time

[ Networking ]

  • Sending game delta frames is now asynchronous, reducing dedicated server main thread CPU usage, thus reducing probability of dropped ticks.

[ Misc ]

  • Fixed a case where a holstered weapon would be rendered on a dead player
  • Added a team-agnostic equip icon for inventory/loadout item tiles
  • When possible, switching to spectator mode will default to in-eye spectating
  • Adjusted the transition between spectator chase cam and roaming cam
  • Centered game mode text in the loading screen
  • Removed “Best out of X rounds” from the loading screen

These improvements are expected to significantly enhance the user experience, provide more stability, and eliminate previously reported issues. Gamers around the world can now explore these updates by diving back into the immersive world of CS2.

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