Counter-Strike 2 update from 11/9/2023 (v1.39.6.8)

Counter-Strike 2 receives a substantial update, enhancing gameplay, matchmaking, and audio quality. Notable changes include synchronized shooting spread, improved visual and audio cues, and refined matchmaking algorithms. This update also introduces better sound clarity, adjusted audible ranges for in-game actions, and a series of map and effects improvements to enrich the gaming experience. Additionally, there are updates to the CSTV demo recording settings and miscellaneous tweaks that align more closely with CS:GO standards.


[ Gameplay ]

  • Players will now see and hear immediate feedback from actions like movement acceleration and muzzle flashes on the next frame.
  • Shooting spread randomness is now consistent across clients and servers, allowing for more accurate tracer and decal matching.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with jump height when pressing a movement key right after jumping.

[ Matchmaking ]

  • Groups of four can now join Premier mode queues.
  • Solo players teamed with a four-person party are now protected from being vote-kicked.
  • Premier mode’s CS Rating algorithm has been updated for players returning after a break.

[ Audio ]

  • Grenade bounce sounds have a reduced audible range.
  • Enhanced the quality of the occlusion filter.
  • Adjusted headshot sound cues to prevent confusion between attacker feedback and damage indication.
  • Standardized the volume of various headshot sounds for a consistent audio experience.
  • Landing sounds from jumps are now aligned with the maximum distance footsteps can be heard.
  • Improved the audio for multiple molotov extinguishes occurring simultaneously.
  • Reintroduced the spark sound for interrupted bomb defuses.
  • Corrected directional death groan audio and missing distant gunfire sounds from the unsilenced M4A1-S.

[ Maps ]

  • Mirage
    • Corrected a clipping issue on the palace bench.
    • Adjusted the A site box height to match that in “CS:GO”.

[ Effects ]

  • Enhanced close-range blood effect performance.
  • Improved bomb light visibility from behind.
  • Muzzle flash intensity has been reduced when quickly switching from scoped rifles.
  • Diminished the visual intensity of the HUD effect after a streak of five kills.

[ CSTV ]

  • Introduced a “tv_record_immediate” setting to dictate the start of CSTV demo recording.
  • CSTV demos can now be recorded instantly, without the need for delayed spectating, using specific settings.

[ Misc ]

  • Sticker wear values have been adjusted to better reflect those in “CS:GO”.
  • Fixed a workshop tool bug that affected static shadow baking from light_environment.
  • Enhanced the ‘Performance’ HDR rendering mode’s quality.
  • Enabled the upload of workshop maps for Wingman mode.
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