Counter-Strike 2 update from 11/18/2023 (v1.39.7.2)

In this update for Counter-Strike 2 dated November 18, 2023, the developers have fixed a number of key issues and made notable improvements. The update is primarily focused on bug fixes and tweaks that improve the overall experience of the game.


  • Sub-Tick Input Bugs: Previously unnoticed minor bugs affecting input precision have been rectified, ensuring smoother player actions.
  • Bot Takeover Animation: A glitch affecting first-person animations during bot takeovers has been resolved, enhancing the realism of gameplay.
  • Weapon Velocity: The excessive velocity observed in dropped or thrown weapons has been adjusted, making weapon interactions more realistic.
  • View Through Ceilings: An issue allowing players to push their view through low ceilings, gaining unfair visual advantage, has been addressed.
  • Teleportation Exploit: A critical exploit that permitted players to teleport within the game has been effectively removed, ensuring fair play.
  • Map Tweaks – de_overpass: Various minor tweaks and bug fixes have been implemented to improve the overall balance and experience on the de_overpass map.
  • Map Fixes – de_anubis: On the de_anubis map, a potential pixel gap exploit at the A-site has been sealed, and a loophole near the t-spawn, where the bomb could be thrown out of the game world, has been closed.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to provide players with a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.

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