Britney Spears Calls Out Alyssa Milano for ‘Bullying’ After Requesting Someone to ‘Check On’ Pop Star

Britney Spears

Pop star Britney Spears has actually implicated starlet Alyssa Milano of “bullying” her after the starlet tweeted requesting for somebody to “check on” the vocalist.

On Tuesday, Milano had actually tweeted, “Can someone please check on Britney Spears?” in action to a tweet about Spears’ continuous conservatorship fight. The tweet was apparently in assistance of the #FreeBritney motion, a group of fans who are requiring completion of Spears’ conservatorship, which has actually remained in location given that 2008 and is presently managed by her daddy Jamie Spears.

However, Spears was not delighted with the tweet and reacted to Milano on Wednesday, composing, “I have been exposed to so much bullying in my life. These kinds of things are so hurtful.”

The vocalist went on to state that she was “strong enough” to “handle the hate” however that it was “not right” for Milano to request somebody to “check on” her.

Milano has actually given that excused her tweet, composing, “I apologize for the tweet I posted earlier. I didn’t mean to cause any harm and I am truly sorry.”

The occurrence has actually stimulated a dispute amongst fans and stars alike, with some arguing that Milano was just attempting to reveal her assistance for the #FreeBritney motion while others argued that it was a kind of “cyberbullying”.

Spears has actually remained in the spotlight for several years, and her conservatorship has actually been the topic of much examination in current months. While lots of have actually been singing in their assistance of the #FreeBritney motion, it is clear that Spears does not wish to be the target of any sort of bullying or harassment.

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