Bonuses in “Online”: new sandals, acid catalysts and more

IN GTA Online finally new content. That’s just it’s just sandals and bracelets. Listed bonuses and discounts are active before noon June 1.

New sandals (with socks, of course!) are already in GTA Online.

Profitable occupations

Free Roam Events, Challenges, and Domination earn double the money and Rep (2x GTA$ and RP).

For a raid on three drug depots, a bonus of 100 thousand will be issued (will be sent within three days).

Acid production rate increased by 50%.

Acid laboratory.

Prize transport

The Vapid Desert Raid worth GTA$695,000 awaits on the catwalk at the casino hotel.

To increase the chances of the main prize when using wheel of luck consider some features.

Premium Challenge

To win the Los Santos Auto Club vehicle, the Ocelot Swinger (GTA$909,000), you need to finish in the top three in a series of chases 3 days in a row.

Test Drive

In the same LS car club, you can try out the following three cars: Vapid Chino, Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire and Grotti Turismo Classic.

Vehicles on a test drive at the LS car club this week.

PS5 and Xbox Series X/S owners can test Principe Deveste Eight in tuning from Hao.


  • Raw materials for the laboratory for the production of acid – 30%,
  • Coil Cyclone – 30%,
  • Declasse Vigero ZX – 30%,
  • Grotti Stinger – 30%.

Weapon Van

The Arms Dealer has the following discounted items this week:

  • railgun – 10% (for GTA + subscribers – 25%),
  • service carbine – 20%,
  • heavy pistol – 10% (20%),
  • automatic shotgun – 10% (20%),
  • shortened rifle – 10% (20%),
  • POS – 10% (20%),
  • Molotov cocktail – 15% (30%),
  • stickybomb – 15% (30%),
  • grenade – 15% (30%),
  • body armor – 20% (30%).

Exhibition halls

IN Premium Deluxe Motorsport Simeon sells Karin Futo GTX, Coil Cyclone, Pegassi Vacca, Übermacht Zion Classic and Vapid Contender.

Cars in Premium Deluxe Motorsport this week.

Luxury Autos offers to purchase Grotti GT500 and Obey 10F.

Cars at Luxury Autos this week.


Time trial the next seven days will be “From and to.”

RC time test – Vespucci Beach.

Premium Race – “From the Art” (only for motorcycles).

HSW Time Trial (PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Exclusive) – From Terminal to Mount Chiliad Conservation Area.

Other bonuses

Active bonuses for subscribers GTA+ Can see here. By the way, in the coming days, a paid subscription can be buy at a reduced price.