Bill Gates grilled over the future of Age of Empires

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age of empires

As any irascible granny will tell you, the best way to get results from a faceless corporation is to go straight to the top, or, in this case, right past the top to its former CEO and founder. Such was /u/le-click’s policy when Gates took to Reddit for his fourth AMA. Amid a sea of questions concerning finance, artificial intelligence and quantum computing, le-click was determined to get answers on one thing: can we get another Age of Empires?

In fairness, it has been three years since the last true Age of Empires game, and that was an HD remake. It was a very well received remake, the absence of LAN support notwithstanding, so it’s surprising that we haven’t heard about an impending entry in the Microsoft-owned series. I imagine Bill Gates enjoys laying waste to enemy civilisations when he’s not bringing clean water to Africa.

Believe it or not, Gates—billionaire, philanthropist, all-round computing wizard—replied: “I will look into this. How many empires do you need?”

Gates strikes me as a man with the connections to get stuff done, so there you are—Age of Empires 4 confirmed.