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The world is unimaginable without television. This source of information from one side, and entertainment from the other, has always been at the very heart of the community. A family get-together, a soccer match broadcast in a bar, a large screen in a night club or in the offices of the Wall Street stock exchange – all these venues have always been supported with TV streaming. The television technology has been developing since the early XXth century. Let’s find out more about the latest achievement in this field, which is the Internet TV, and discover how Polish TV channels can be reached outside Poland.

TV online is the technology that provides TV streaming directly through Internet, without any additional appliances like satellite dishes or cables.
Polish TV abroad provided by PolBox.TV is the new culture of streaming:

  • 24/7 unlimited access to Polish TV online at a fixed price
  • 100+ channels and 3000+ movies in Polish language
  • Multiscreen – can be streamed at any device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, PC or TV set)
  • Multiroom – watch different content simultaneously on different devices
  • Timeshift – move streaming in time convenient for you

Moreover, you can use your gadget for work or study with TV streaming turned on in a different window.

Bonus features of Polish TV via the Internet

Here are some additional perks for customers of PolBox.TV.

  • Parental control of content is provided in every package of Polish TV abroad to keep kids safe from inappropriate content.
  • The more months of television Polish online you pay for at onсe the larger discount you get.
  • Besides Polish television online, the PolBox.TV provider also renders access to the majority of radio stations, as well as to the interactive content attached to streaming of Polish online programs.
  • You can exchange your ideas and user experience with other customers of PolBox.TV from all over world at the special social platform created by the provider.

Thus, Internet TV is currently the most high-quality, convenient and affordable technology in the world to obtain uninterrupted access to television and other related services for Polish-speaking community abroad. All you need to you is pick reliable provider PolBox.TV, and enjoy their services whenever you need them.

Join the PolBox.TV world, the community of Poles enjoying their uninterrupted connection with their Homeland!