Battlefield 6: The game would simply be called “Battlefield” and would take place in the near future

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Battlefield 6: the game would simply be called "Battlefield" and would happen in the near future

Although it has not yet been unveiled, we know that Battlefield 6 is a very large-scale project due out this year. Moreover, Electronic Arts has mobilized many of its studios to work on it, then postponing the next Need for Speed ​​by Criterion Games to 2022 instead of 2021: the site is massive and more and more noise from the corridor is emerging, including that of from Tom Henderson, a potential leaker, who claim to have reliable sources Obviously, we must take the following information with a grain of salt although the whole is rather credible. Ready? Go!

  • Battlefield 6 would actually be called “Battlefield” for short (a marketing technique well used for years now)
  • The context would unfold in the very near future, in ten years.
  • The weapons and vehicles used would be those currently being developed by the armies. : drones, military robots, jets, tanks, etc.
  • The game wouldn’t be a hub for all previous Battlefields as a recent rumor hinted at on Reddit
  • The campaign would be “revolutionary” compared to other games in the saga. It would focus on a soldier and his special unit: more precisely, the player would choose the superpower of their choice and could side with them. We could then opt for the USA or Russia, each country offering various advantages.
  • Announcement trailer would not include any actual gameplay footage, like the first Battlefield V trailer (which had also caused the badbuzz)
  • Multiplayer would include even bigger and better fights, making the game a “Battlefield on steroids”
  • The player could choose between four classes of soldiers and “abilities” would be made available., akin to the famous Call of Duty Assets: for example, a Scout trooper would walk silently while an Assault trooper would be able to sprint longer.
  • A battle royale would also be planned : this one would be dissociated from Firestorm and would adopt a new name.
  • Obviously, we advise you not to believe all of the information above and to wait wisely for a formalization. It should not be too late, moreover.


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