Apex Legends Season 1 information – Battle Pass particulars, Octane launched, Apex Legends roadmap

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Apex Legends Season 1: Wild Frontier has arrived eventually! The new Season was launched with a patch that got here out at 5pm GMT on 19th March, and introduced with it the eagerly awaited Apex Legends Battle Pass, a model new character within the type of Octane, and a bunch of steadiness modifications, new options, and efficiency optimisations. We’ll undergo all of it in our Apex Legends Season 1 information, strolling you thru all the things it’s good to know concerning the Battle Pass and all the brand new modifications that Season 1 has introduced alongside.

This Season 1 information is only one small a part of our huge Apex Legends guides collection, all of which you’ll be able to peruse by heading to our Apex Legends tips/guide web page. There you’ll discover tonnes of ideas and techniques for all ability ranges, in addition to hyperlinks to different pages on all the things from the varied Apex Legends characters to the entire stats and spray patterns for various Apex Legends guns/weapons, and rather more.

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Apex Legends Season 1 information – Battle Pass particulars, roadmap, new character

There’s quite a bit to cowl each with the discharge of Season 1 and the Battle Pass, and the Apex Legends roadmap of issues to come back. Use the hyperlinks under to skip to any explicit part of your selecting.

Apex Legends Battle Pass cost and details
Battle Pass rewards, skins, and cosmetics
New character – Octane
Changes to character abilities and hitboxes
Apex Legends roadmap – future updates and content

Apex Legends Battle Pass value and particulars

You can now buy the brand new Apex Legends Battle Pass for Season 1 from the primary menu in-game, by way of the Battle Pass tab on the prime of the display. You can select to purchase both the Battle Pass by itself for 950 Apex Coins (requiring a purchase order of 1000 Apex Coins from the shop for £7.99/$10.57), or you should purchase the Battle Pass bundle for two,800 Apex Coins (requiring a purchase order of £23.98/$31.73 value of Coins), which unlocks the primary 25 tiers of the Battle Pass with the acquisition, providing you with all these beauty rewards instantly.

In order to unlock these cosmetics usually, all you really want to do is play the game and earn XP to extend your Battle Pass degree (which by the way is totally separate out of your atypical participant degree, so don’t fear about that). With every new Battle Pass degree, you’ll unlock a brand new reward, all of that are listed under. You can even totally recoup the price of the Battle Pass when you attain Battle Pass Level 97, in line with the devs. This will help you buy Season 2’s Battle Pass free of charge when you play sufficient throughout Season 1.

Respawn have additionally added a characteristic the place you may enhance the quantity of XP you earn by taking part in as a wide range of completely different characters as an alternative of sticking to only one, as a result of, as they are saying, “we believe true mastery in Apex Legends means being a badass with anyone in any situation at any time”. This will hopefully additionally encourage extra selection when it comes to staff composition over the course of Season 1, as an alternative of simply seeing the identical previous Wraith/Lifeline/Bangalore picks time after time.

Some of those newly launched cosmetics are free for everybody no matter whether or not they purchase the Battle Pass or not. In this respect it’s slightly like Fortnite’s personal Battle Pass; as you earn XP you unlock rewards regardless, however when you have the Battle Pass you’ll unlock rather more of them, and extra rapidly.

Battle Pass rewards, skins, and cosmetics

Below is a full desk of all of the rewards provided at every degree of the Apex Legends Battle Pass. There’s a variety of them, so I’d strongly encourage you to make use of the search bar on the prime of the desk when you’re searching for one explicit merchandise.

Battle Pass Level Rewards Type
1 Lifeline Skin (Revolutionary)
Mirage Skin (Outlaw)
Wraith Skin (Survivor)
2 Triple Take Skin (Harvest)
Apex Pack
3 Wraith Tracker (Season 1 Kills as Wraith) Premium
4 Hemlok Skin (Patchwork)
Gibraltar Tracker (Season 1 Wins as Gibraltar)
5 Wild Frontier Level 5 Badge Premium
6 Bangalore Quip (Opening season. No time for an FNG)
Pathfinder Tracker (Season 1 Wins as Pathfinder)
7 50 Apex Coins Premium
8 Bloodhound Tracker (Season 1 Kills as Bloodhound)
Wraith Tracker (Season 1 Wins as Wraith)
9 Prowler Skin (Navigator) Premium
10 Wild Frontier Level 10 Badge
Bangalore Tracker (Season 1 Wins as Bangalore)
11 50 Apex Coins Premium
12 BP Point Boost (2.5% Survival Time)
Apex Pack
13 Mirage Frame (Funny Bones) Premium
14 Longbow Skin (Navigator)
Bloodhound Tracker (Season 1 Wins as Bloodhound)
15 Wild Frontier Level 15 Badge Premium
16 Mirage Quip (It’s opening season, gotta adore it…)
Caustic Tracker (Season 1 Wins as Caustic)
17 50 Apex Coins Premium
18 Octane Frame (Flight Risk)
Mirage Tracker (Season 1 Wins as Mirage)
19 Spitfire Skin (Patchwork) Premium
20 Wild Frontier Level 20 Badge
Lifeline Tracker (Season 1 Wins as Lifeline)
21 50 Apex Coins Premium
22 BP Point Boost (2.5% Survival Time)
Octane Tracker (Season 1 Wins as Octane)
23 Wraith Frame (Silk Road) Premium
24 Mozambique Skin (Navigator)
Apex Pack
25 Wild Frontier Level 25 Badge Premium
26 Epic Apex Pack
Caustic Tracker (Season 1 Damage Done as Caustic)
27 Pathfinder Quip (It’s the season opening) Premium
28 Mirage Tracker (Season 1 Kills as Mirage)
Bangalore Tracker (Season 1 Damage Done as Bangalore)
29 Kraber Skin (Harvest) Premium
30 Wild Frontier Level 30 Badge
Gibraltar Tracker (Season 1 Damage Done as Gibraltar)
31 50 Apex Coins Premium
32 BP Point Boost (2.5% Survival Time)
Bloodhound Tracker (Season 1 Damage Done as Bloodhound)
33 Pathfinder Tracker (Season 1 Kills as Pathfinder) Premium
34 EVA-8 Skin (Patchwork)
Apex Pack
35 Wild Frontier Level 35 Badge Premium
36 Caustic Quip (Opening season. Very properly)
Lifeline Tracker (Season 1 Damage Done as Lifeline)
37 50 Apex Coins Premium
38 Caustic Tracker (Season 1 Kills as Caustic)
Octane Traker (Season 1 Damage Done as Octane)
39 Flatline Skin (Navigator) Premium
40 Wild Frontier Level 40 Badge
Wraith Tracker (Season 1 Damage Done as Wraith)
41 50 Apex Coins Premium
42 BP Point Boost (2.5% Survival Time)
Mirage Tracker (Season 1 Damage Done as Mirage)
43 Apex Pack Premium
44 Alternator Skin (Patchwork)
Pathfinder Tracker (Season 1 Damage Done as Pathfinder)
45 Wild Frontier Level 45 Badge Premium
46 Gibraltar Quip (It’s opening season)
Apex Pack
47 50 Apex Coins Premium
48 Gibraltar Tracker (Season 1 Kills as Gibraltar)
Octane Skin (Messenger)
49 Peacekeeper Skin (Harvest) Premium
50 Wild Frontier Level 50 Badge Premium
51 Prowler Skin (Thrill of the Hunt) Premium
52 BP Point Boost (2.5% Survival Time) Premium
53 Apex Pack Premium
54 Devotion Skin (Harvest) Premium
55 Wild Frontier Level 55 Badge Premium
56 Wraith Quip (It’s opening season. Our path is ready…) Premium
57 100 Apex Coins Premium
58 Octane Skin (Season 1 Kills as Octane) Premium
59 Mastiff Skin (Patchwork) Premium
60 Wild Frontier Level 60 Badge Premium
61 Lifeline Frame (Pick Me Up) Premium
62 BP Point Boost (2.5% Survival Time) Premium
63 100 Apex Coins Premium
64 P2020 Skin (Harvest) Premium
65 Wild Frontier Level 65 Badge Premium
66 Bloodhound Quip (Open season. May the gods bless us) Premium
67 100 Apex Coins Premium
68 Lifeline Tracker (Season 1 Kills as Lifeline) Premium
69 Havoc Skin (Patchwork) Premium
70 Wild Frontier Level 70 Badge Premium
71 Bloodhound Frame (Nock Down) Premium
72 BP Point Boost (2.5% Survival Time) Premium
73 Apex Pack Premium
74 R-99 Skin (Harvest) Premium
75 Wild Frontier Level 75 Badge Premium
76 Octane Quip (Season’s open amigos) Premium
77 100 Apex Coins Premium
78 Bangalore Tracker (Season 1 Kills as Bangalore) Premium
79 Wingman Skin (Navigator) Premium
80 Wild Frontier Level 80 Badge Premium
81 Gibraltar Frame (Land of Giants) Premium
82 BP Point Boost (2.5% Survival Time) Premium
83 Apex Pack Premium
84 RE-45 Skin (Patchwork) Premium
85 Wild Frontier Level 85 Badge Premium
86 Legendary Apex Pack Premium
87 Apex Coins Premium
88 Caustic Frame (Slaughterhouse) Premium
89 BP Point Boost (2.5% Survival Time) Premium
90 Wild Frontier Level 90 Badge Premium
91 Pathfinder Frame (Building Bridges) Premium
92 BP Point Boost (2.5% Survival Time) Premium
93 Apex Pack Premium
94 Scout Skin (Patchwork) Premium
95 Wild Frontier Level 95 Badge Premium
96 Lifeline Quip (Open season. Let’s go) Premium
97 100 Apex Coins Premium
98 Bangalore Frame (Sharpened Senses) Premium
99 R-301 Carbine Skin (Harvest) Premium
100 Wild Frontier Level 100 Badge
Legendary Havoc Reactive Skin (The Silver Storm)
110 Wild Frontier Level 110 Badge
Legendary Havoc Reactive Skin (The Golden Idol)

New character – Octane

Besides the Battle Pass, the massive new characteristic that has arrived with Season 1 is the ninth character we’ve all been ready for: Octane, the High-Speed Daredevil. And hoo boy, he actually lives as much as his title. The quickest and most cell Legend but, Octane has the power to commerce Health for motion velocity at a second’s discover, resulting in a really high-risk-high-reward fashion of play.

We’ve been arduous at work attempting out this new character since Season 1’s launch, and you’ll learn all about what we’ve learnt in our Octane information, which we’ve full of sensible ideas and skill breakdowns.

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Changes to character talents and hitboxes

Coinciding with the 07 March patch notes, we acquired some extra particular particulars relating to character modifications, primarily revolving across the discrepancies relating to character hitboxes, with some characters occupying a a lot bigger area than others (and thus being at a considerable drawback on the subject of getting shot). Well, with Season 1, these modifications have been carried out – together with means buffs and nerfs to sure characters. You can look over all of the modifications intimately in our Apex Legends update information, however the gist is as follows:

  • The hitboxes for Gibraltar, Caustic, and Pathfinder (the three with the biggest hitboxes) have been lowered to higher match their character fashions.
  • Caustic’s Gas Traps and Nox Gas Grenades are more practical and on a decrease cooldown.
  • There are extra Survey Beacons on the planet for Pathfinder to scan.
  • Bangalore’s Passive motion velocity bonus has been lowered.
  • Gibraltar’s Ultimate now stuns teammates as it’s speculated to, similar to Bangalore’s Ultimate.

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Apex Legends roadmap – future updates and content material

Season 1 is right here, however, in line with Respawn, that’s only the start of their imaginative and prescient for Apex Legends’ future. The roadmap above guarantees new Legends, new weapons, and new loot to reach with every season and its related Battle Pass. We’ve had a brand new Legend, however we’re but to see new loot or new weapons arriving because the game’s launch (apart from the introduction of the Havoc Energy rifle).

This means we’re prone to see future updates coming quickly after the discharge of Season 1. While we could not see one other new character following so carefully after the discharge of Octane, it’s fairly doubtless we’ll lastly see the brand new L-Star EMG Light Machine Gun unveiled someday quickly, in addition to numerous steadiness modifications and common enhancements to the game to counter crashes, stability points, and the widespread use of hacking.

That needs to be sufficient to get you began with Season 1. I don’t learn about you, however I for one am very excited to dive again in and be taught extra concerning the new character, Octane – although be warned, as a result of when you have the identical thought you’re prone to should battle your teammates with a purpose to play as him!