ATS - Kansas DLC

American Truck Simulator: Kansas DLC Release

Rev up your engines and embark on an exhilarating adventure as the newest expansion for American Truck Simulator hits the road today. Dive into the breathtaking sceneries and lively urban environments of this fresh expansion!

The Kansas DLC for American Truck Simulator will be available today at 19:15 CET!

Embark on a grand exploration with the Kansas map extension. Relish each moment as you encounter these features:

  • Travel to 14 cities including Kansas City, Wichita, and Topeka
  • Witness Kansas’s unique landmarks like historic Dodge City, Monument Rocks, and Mount Sunflower
  • Play a pivotal role in Kansas’ key industries – Salt Mine, Food, Automobile, Construction Material, and Battery Factories
  • Contribute to the aerospace sector in Wichita through deliveries to Aerosystem
  • Marvel at Hutchinson’s world’s largest silos
  • Support one of America’s leading agricultural states through transportation of essential goods
  • Experience trucking through various picturesque settlements
  • Drive across vast prairies with stunning vistas

Kansas has evolved from its agricultural roots to a bustling industrial hub, enticing big corporations with its prime location and logistical efficiency.

Truckers will engage with diverse sectors, from booming aviation and agriculture to automobile manufacturing, the iconic salt mine, and more.

The Kansas DLC is also part of a bundle on Steam. This is a great opportunity to complete your DLC collection for American Truck Simulator. The bundle includes diverse landscapes from Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and now Kansas.

This bundle operates on a “Complete the set” basis, meaning you only pay for the DLCs you don’t already have!

Cruising Kansas Event

Join the #CruisingKansas World of Trucks event starting today. Earn unique rewards by contributing to the community goal of driving 125,000,000 miles (201,168,000 km) while delivering goods to or from any Kansas city. Learn more about this event in the .

Receive a special gift for taking any External Contract or External Market job TO or FROM the city of Topeka. You’ll earn the Tiger Salamander Plush, a cabin accessory symbolizing Kansas’s native salamanders.

Farm Machinery DLC

Alongside Kansas DLC, we are also introducing the . This DLC offers an immersive experience in the agricultural sector, particularly in Kansas. Transport a range of farming equipment with the Owl & Greenler brands and accessorize your cabin with unique items. Discover more about this DLC in the.

Special Transport DLC Update

The Kansas expansion introduces new routes for transporting unique cargo. Six new paths include four within Kansas and two starting in Pueblo (CO). Experience hauling a 39-meter-long wind turbine blade and a huge articulated hauler. More details about the update.



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