American Truck Simulator conceals a message to the neighborhood deep in Wyoming

Wyoming’s obtained a “much-requested” brand-new freeway

American Truck Simulator
(Image credit score: SCS Software)

American Truck Simulator’s 1.45 upgrade gotten in open beta today, as well as the neighborhood has actually currently uncovered an Easter egg concealed deep in a brand-new location of Wyoming.

The 1.45 upgrade presents a “much-requested” brand-new enhancement toWyoming The city of Cody as well as the US-14 freeway function as a kind of entrance to Yellowstone National Park – both in reality as well as currently in the game.

After the beta went live, players found a brief message (opens in new tab) from programmer SCS Software simply to the west of the newly-added Cody, stuck on an LED website traffic indication alongside a lakeside parking lot. “You’re welcome #BestCommunityEver”.

That hashtag is often utilized on SCS’s social networks to describe the game’s gamers. What are they “welcome” for? I’m presuming the totally free upgrade for every person that has the Wyoming DLC.

There are a variety of various other enhancements in 1.45, consisting of ownable vessel trailers – or “cistern trailers,” as the official blog (opens in new tab) calls them. The upgrade likewise upgrades 6 of the imaginary filling station as well as vehicle quit brand names that have actually remained in the game from the beginning. “Originally when we first designed these areas,” the devs describe, “we did not have the amazing team of dedicated 2D artists and talent at our disposal which we have now at SCS Software.”

Even much better, the upgrade includes a rainfall sensing unit choice, so your windscreen wipers will instantly get used to the quantity of rains – something I desire my real automobile did. There’s likewise currently an alternative to conceal the huge yellow X marks that enclose the roadways you can not access, for a much more visually-pleasing method to drive.

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