Zelda: Kingdom of Tears Players Rely on Extensive Bridges to Fix Their Issues

An image of Link in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom standing next to a very long bridge made with the Ultrahand ability.

Do you assume it’s long sufficient?
Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo using Polygon

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is rife with opportunities for cheating.

I’m not speaking about real hacking or dishonesty — Nintendo traditionally hasn’t been down with gamers cheating in its games. The dishonesty I’m speaking about describes playing the game in a manner that might not have actually been planned by the designers. Now, followers of Tears of the Kingdom are taking that principles to brand-new degrees; they’re constructing incredibly bridges to resolve all their troubles and also sharing clips of their deal with systems like TikTok.

In Tears of the Kingdom, Link has a brand-new ability called Ultrahand. This permits him to grab and also set up things in addition to adhesive them with each other to produce a bigger framework. It’s an essential adjustment presented in Tears of the Kingdom, and also it presents a number of sandbox auto mechanics as gamers develop makers and also various other constructs to aid them resolve challenges or browse Hyrule’s tough atmosphere.

Most significantly, you can utilize this capacity to make a bridge. You can basically make a bridge out of anything. Sure, timber from a chopped-down tree jobs, yet there are lots of various other arbitrary products spread throughout Hyrule that you can stick with each other to make a bridge and also obtain from one area to one more. Players have actually been showing simply just how much they can do with a straightforward, yet long, bridge.


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If you develop a bridge and after that leave the location, whatever you develop will certainly vanish. So some individuals are simply lugging their bridge from area to put like a goddamn 100-foot bag.


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Others are encouraged that they’ve damaged the physics of the game by making a bridge that’s as well long.


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This individual made a bridge enough time to equal the Bridge of Eldin and also in some way packed it right into a temple. Don’t ask me where all the columns originated from — it’s outrageous.


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My individual fave is this clip in Mayachin Shrine — the bridge isn’t that long, yet it is scrappy. It’s absolutely a one-of-a-kind method to method to resolve the challenge.


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It’s kind of the one-track mind, himbo-istic option that simply makes good sense to me. Oh, you can’t reach a tower? Build a bridge. You don’t intend to combat all the Bokoblins? Build a bridge to prevent them. Don’t comprehend a timing challenge? Just utilize the things to develop a bridge. I can’t develop a mech or a battle maker and even a completely practical glider at this moment, yet do you understand what I can with confidence develop? A bridge. And it functions.


Source: Polygon

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