Zelda: Breath of the Wild information – nice fairy fountain areas and armor upgrades

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Find these Zelda collection staples and get some upgrades in for the discount.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Where to search out each nice fairy fountain

While Breath of the Wild is perhaps taking the Zelda system and turning it the other way up in some methods, however in others it stays conventional to Zelda collection traditions – and one such characteristic are the nice fairies and the nice fairy fountains, staples of the collection because the 1987 authentic.

In Breath of the Wild, nice fairy fountains are hidden all through the world and it’s completely doable to get during the sport with out ever encountering one. If you do they provide a significant service, nevertheless: they improve your armor to make it extra highly effective, making use of a number of the loot you choose up. Here’s the place to search out all of them, plus element on the weapon improve mechanic.

Upgrading your Armor with Great Fairies

Armor in Breath of the Wild doesn’t break like weapons (thank god) and persists, and although there’s fairly a little bit of armor it doesn’t scale all that a lot – in actual fact, the most effective factor to do is to search out armor you just like the look and utility of after which improve it as you progress.

Upgrades are dealt with by an excellent fairy. Each one you awaken will add to their collective energy, so when you’ve woken two up you’ll be capable of enhance to a better stage, and likewise for 3, and 4. Upgrading is free, however every nice fairy requires a money tribute with the intention to open up their companies to you.

The first will price you 100 rupees, the second 500, the third 1000 and the fourth a whopping 10,000. Once you’ve unlocked all 4 you’ll be capable of improve your gear to the very best stage. Each improve will use fundamental monster loot, although what varies relying on the gear in query.

Great Fairy Cotera’s Location in Lanayru

Great Fairy Cotera could be very possible going to be the primary one you come throughout, as she’s discovered fairly close to to Kakariko Village, an early-game story vacation spot in a extra pleasant space. If you chat to the villagers they’ll even trace at her existence and her location.

From Kakariko climb to the Ta’loh Naeg Shrine that sits above the village, or begin on the shrine. To the precise of the shrine there’s a path down into some woods, and in the event you take the left-hand path on the fork into these woods you’ll encounter what appears like an unlimited flower.

Look just a little extra carefully and also you’ll see fairies hanging across the flower… and in the event you climb the petal steps as much as it you’ll be capable of work together and discuss to the fairy. If you pay up Cotera will reveal herself.

Great Fairy Mija’s Location in Akkala

Mija is a form of hidden-in-plain-sight nice fairy – and I say that as a result of she’s remarkably near a shrine and I walked previous her lair a number of instances with out ever noticing her. She’s within the North-Eastern Akkala area of Hyrule, although she isn’t that far north.

Look for the Akkala Citadel Ruins on the map, and to the precise of it Lake Akkala with a round island in the course of it. Just beneath that may be a small clearing of timber surrounded by a puddle – tis is definitely the Great Fairy Fountain, and will probably be named as such in your map when you first go to there. It’s additionally near Dah Hesho Shrine, so in the event you’ve unlocked that shrine you may warp there and paraglide right down to the fairy with ease.

As with Cotera, stroll as much as Mija’s flower and work together with it. If you might have the money she asks for and select to cough it up, she’ll offer you her companies.

Great Fairy Kaysa’s Location in Tabantha

Great Fairy Kaysa is discovered within the Western areas of Hyrule, within the rocky and mountainous area of the Tabantha Frontier. She’s in the direction of the south of this space, close to the Tabantha Great Bridge and Nero Hill.

Nero Hill is definitely the simplest strategy to attain this fairy fountain, for it’s house to the Tabantha Tower. If you’ve climbed this tower and unlocked it as a warp level all you want to do is stand atop the tower and forged your gaze to the south. There you’ll see the telltale shiny flower of an excellent fairy protruding like a sore thumb – at the very least in the event you look within the day, it is perhaps a contact tougher at evening.

You’ll need to glide from excessive up, and from Tabantha Tower is the most effective place to take action. Glide down, pay your cash, and unlock the talents of Kaysa so as to add to her sisters.

Great Fairy Tera’s Location within the Gerudo Desert

Tera is by far and away the toughest of the nice fairies to achieve, however that’s as a result of she’s hiding away in one of many cruellest locations within the recreation – the unforgiving Gerudo Desert, discovered within the far South-West of the map of Hyrule.

The Gerudo Desert is so scorching that it will possibly kill you, so deliver applicable garments, meals and elixirs, and extra importantly attempt to journey at evening, when the temperature really will get relatively chilly and edges in the direction of common Hylian temperatures. You’ve received a protracted trek – from the Gerudo City preserve transferring south-east, on the lookout for an space marked in your map as Dragon’s Exile.

Just past Dragon’s Exile is a big skeleton that will get marked in your map because the Gerudo Great Skeleton. There’s a shrine right here too, however extra importantly you’ll discover Tera’s flower prepared so that you can deliver her again into the land of the residing.

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