Visions of Mana Won’t Have Co-op at Launch, but Producer Hints at Future Multiplayer Options

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Visions of Mana
(Image credit rating: Square Enix)

Visions of Mana will not consist of a multiplayer setting like its precursors at launch, however the game’s manufacturer has actually dabbled the concept of reestablishing co-op to the collection “in the future.”

Visions of Mana intends to be a recover for the long-running Mana collection after the mainline entrances took place respite in 2006. That suggests the acquainted action-RPG benefits, wayward soundscape, and squishy beasts are picking up on gaming consoles for the very first time in over a years, however multiplayer regretfully will not be signing up with the enjoyable.

“When I played Secret of Mana, the multiplayer co-op mode was something that really stood out and left a strong impression on me,” manufacturer Masaru Oyamada claims in a meeting with PC Gamer, later on clarifying that there were actually conversations regarding including co-op right into Visions of Mana early in manufacturing.

“As things kind of developed further internally, we had discussions on the various things that you can do through a multiplayer mode, but also some challenges a multiplayer mode introduces,” Oyamada proceeds, sharing problem over exactly how numerous gamers would certainly influence globe layout and pacing.

While multiplayer is an obvious noninclusion in Visions of Mana, Oymada does not rule it out for future trips: “When I think about the series and look towards the future, I myself really do cherish and have fond memories of being able to go on one single adventure with your friends and clear things together. I know what that experience is like, and I do want to consider being able to implement features like that in the future.”

Visions of Mana is releasing at some point this summer season on computer, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Oymada formerly specified that he wished to make Visions of Mana for one decade, however believed nobody would certainly desire it.

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