The finest Minecraft seeds 1.14 – Minecraft 1.14 seeds record with Amidst screenshots

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Minecraft seeds 1.14 guide - the best Minecraft 1.14 seeds we've found

I’ve all the time thought-about the default Minecraft seeds to be such wasted alternatives. Why depart the game to dredge up some meaningless string of numbers, when you might as a substitute seed your world with one thing like “WeAreTheKnightsWhoSayNi”, or “I love you 3000”, or another wonderful movie or TV reference? If you’re of an identical thoughts on this, you shouldn’t be upset by the quantity of enjoyable I had creating this Minecraft seeds information for v1.14.

Below you’ll discover a fastidiously curated choice of the very finest Minecraft seeds for 1.14 that we’ve discovered. Whether you’re after a very difficult island seed, otherwise you wish to waste no time in exploring 1.14’s new Bamboo Jungles, we’ve received a large number of worlds for you.

Minecraft seeds 1.14 guide

Minecraft seeds 1.14 & 1.13 – finest Minecraft seeds for Islands, Pyramids, Temples, and extra

Due to the character of the Minecraft 1.14 replace, terrain era between 1.13 and 1.14 is sort of equivalent. The solely distinction is that in 1.13 you gained’t discover the brand new Bamboo Jungle biomes, and there could also be some adjustments to the era of villages and the like. So all of the beneath seeds will work whether or not you’re taking part in in 1.13 or 1.14.

Below you possibly can browse all the very best Minecraft seeds we’ve discovered (and I hope you even have time to understand the sheer strangeness of my stream-of-consciousness, reference-fuelled thoughts relating to naming Minecraft seeds). You can click on on any of the pictures to view it at full measurement.

You can even click on on the seed itself to open up a screenshot of the world I took utilizing Amidst, which is a nifty piece of software program that permits you to take a look at terrain and construction era for various seeds. Amidst isn’t up to date for 1.14, so it gained’t present issues like Bamboo Jungles, nevertheless it nonetheless offers you a terrific concept of what sort of world you’re taking a look at.

“What A Corker!” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: What A Corker!
  • Features: Village, Desert, Savanna, Forest, Plains, Ravine, Mineshaft

Warm climates await you on this characterful mixture of Savanna hills and sprawling Deserts with a large number of close by Villages.

“Once, long ago,” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: Once, long ago,
  • Features: Challenging, Frozen Ocean, Desert, Ice Plains, Savanna, Ocean, Mega Taiga

Fire and Ice mix on this hostile begin on the border between Frozen Ocean and scorching Desert. You’ll have to journey to search out bushes.

“UnusualCrimping” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: UnusualCrimping
  • Features: Plains, Forest, Savanna, Mushroom Biome, Desert, Swampland, Extreme Hills

A beautiful temperate begin subsequent to Savanna, Forest, and Desert – and also you’ll additionally discover a big Mushroom Island solely about 1000 blocks east from spawn.

“Mesozoic” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: Mesozoic
  • Features: Jungle, Jungle Temple, Ocean, Flower Forest, Taiga, Extreme Hills, Forest

Jungle lovers, this one’s for you. A game-crashingly giant Jungle begin (full with Jungle Temple a stone’s throw from spawn), with Deep Oceans and a Flower Forest close by.

“island?” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: island?
  • Features: Challenging, Island, Archipelago, Ocean, Ocean Monument

One of the higher archipelago begins I’ve discovered. You start on a tiny spit of land with a handful of sheep however no bushes, so that you’ll must shortly hop from island to island in the hunt for higher prospects.

“I am the banana king” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: I am the banana king
  • Features: Swampland, Extreme Hills, Forest, Burch Forest, Ocean, Plains, Village

At the centre of this Swamp-dominated landmass, not removed from spawn, there sits an ideal alcove hidden inside a tiny Extreme Hills biome. Perfect for mountain bases.

“3032979427952586570” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: 3032979427952586570
  • Features: Plains, Pumpkins, Plains Village, Sunflower Plains, Flower Forest, Roofed Forest, Mansion, Taiga

An extremely picturesque land, this one. Head east, and also you’ll first discover a sprawling Plains village, then Sunflower Plains and Flower Forests, then a Roofed Forest (with a mansion!).

“EatAJerkPal” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: EatAJerkPal
  • Features: Island, Archipelago, Ocean, Ocean Monument, Swampland, Savanna, Forest

Not a real island begin, as a result of there’s some mainland close by. But I needed to embrace this seed. I imply, simply take a look at it. What a poor lonely tree. It wants some firm, don’t you suppose?

“pineappleonpizza” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: pineappleonpizza
  • Features: Birch Forest, Forest, Extreme Hills, Sunflower Plains, Mineshaft, Flower Forest, Taiga, Desert, Swampland

Something for everybody on this expansive, various map, from big snow-capped mountains to roofed forests and deserted mineshafts. This could be a terrific seed for an Ultra Hardcore (UHC) match.

“I need a heroooo” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: I need a heroooo
  • Features: Jungle, Bamboo Jungle, Taiga, Extreme Hills, Plains, Jungle Temple, Village

Now that is one hell of a place to begin. Surrounded by Jungle and the brand new Bamboo Jungles, you’ve additionally received a foolish variety of Villages and Jungle Temples in a few-hundred-block radius round spawn.

“15YemenRoadYemen” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: 15YemenRoadYemen
  • Features: Mesa, Roofed Forest, Extreme Hills, Ocean, Plains, Birch Forest, Savanna

An amazing mixture of Mesa and Roofed Forest, this seed offers you probably the most vibrant spawns that vanilla Minecraft is able to, whereas nonetheless offering loads of bushes in your first day/evening.

“-2561286611982351664” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: -2561286611982351664
  • Features: Ice Plains, Ice Mountains, Igloo, Ocean, Taiga, Cold Taiga, Extreme Hills

For those that choose winter to summer time, this begin locations you on a large (however surviveable) Ice Plains biome, full with Igloos, lakes, rivers, and extra.

“I’m writing this in a Starbucks” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

Just take a look at that island village. Isn’t that fantastic? It’s as if it was crafted by hand. Plus, tonnes of Ocean Monuments, and a Mushroom Biome not too far to the East.

“somethingsomethingdarkside” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: somethingsomethingdarkside
  • Features: Forest, Extreme Hills, Taiga, Swampland, Birch Forest, Flower Forest, Mineshaft, Village, Witch Hut

An extended-running river separates a big forest biome from huge, cloud-height mountains. You’ll additionally discover a Swamp with a Witch Hut close by, in addition to a wealthy and vibrant underground.

“Wakanda Forever” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: Wakanda Forever
  • Features: Challenging, Island, Archipelago, Frozen Ocean, Desert, Mesa, Savanna, Ocean

An uncommon and thrilling begin, with simply a few tiny islands and a handful of bushes in the course of an enormous Frozen Ocean – which itself is surrounded by a colossal ring of Mesa, Desert, and Savanna biomes.

“RobertUnderdunkTerwilliger” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: RobertUnderdunkTerwilliger
  • Features: Roofed Forest, Plains, Extreme Hills, Mushroom Biome, Desert, Swamp, Ocean

Here’s a seed with a little bit of nearly every part: a pleasant Roofed Forest begin, with Desert to the west, a Mushroom Biome to the north, and a few very nice Extreme Hills throughout the ocean to the east.

“tali’zorah” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: tali’zorah
  • Features: Pyramid, Village, Desert, Swampland, Extreme Hills, Plains, Forest, Savanna, Mesa, Ocean

Yes, that’s certainly a Pyramid inside a Desert Village, barely 100 blocks from spawn. Opposite the Desert, you’re confronted with a big Swamp, and patches of Forest and Extreme Hills.

“ResistanceIsUseless” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: ResistanceIsUseless
  • Features: Pyramid, Village, Desert, Mesa, Plains, Forest, Savanna, Mineshaft, Lava

If you’re trying to rush to the Nether as shortly as doable, that is your seed. Plains, Forest, and Desert – with a floor lava pool, Pyramid, and Village all in spitting distance from spawn. Oh, and mineshafts in every single place.

“-6904926439578529261” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: -6904926439578529261
  • Features: Jungle, Mesa, Jungle Temple, Shipwreck, Ocean

This may as properly be a Large Biomes world. You spawn proper on the border between a big Mesa and a colossal Jungle, with no less than 2 Jungle Temples and 1 Shipwreck close by.

“SnakesAndBladders” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: SnakesAndBladders
  • Features: Challenging, Island, Shipwreck, Archipelago, Frozen Ocean, Forest, Savanna, Lava

Not probably the most troublesome island spawn on the planet because of its beneficiant provide of wooden, and the truth that the mainland isn’t TOO far-off… But nonetheless sufficient to intensify the problem a bit.

“Inconceivable!” – finest Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot hyperlink: Inconceivable!
  • Features: Jungle, Bamboo Jungle, Savanna, Village, Extreme Hills, Desert

A sprawling Jungle, rife with Bamboo, is bordered by a Savanna (with village) and a few implausible mountain formations on this various and vibrant world.

Well, these are all of the seeds we’ve received for now; hopefully you’ve discovered one or two worlds that match up with what you have been after. And if you wish to tell us the way you get on in one of many above worlds – or in the event you’ve discovered your personal noteworthy 1.14 Minecraft seeds you’d prefer to share – then tell us within the feedback beneath!