Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough Part 4 – Find the Shinobi Firecracker and battle the horse-rider

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In the final half we expanded our shinobi arsenal and narrowly escaped sharing the destiny of frozen mouse as we dodged a large snake, however now issues are actually beginning to warmth up. At the gates of the Ashina Castle a lethal foe awaits, however first we have to put together.

From the Shrine you reached after the Snake, journey again to the Idol simply earlier than the Chained Ogre, there’s some backtracking to do.

When you’re there, flip round and head the way in which in direction of the rooster. Then grapple over the gate. Drop down and stealth kill the canon man in entrance of you so he doesn’t provide you with any jip, then head over to the best and grapple off the tree department.

You vacation spot is a hidden service provider on the prime of the tall peak within the centre of the world, so stroll ahead throughout the stony cliffs which have numerous lengthy grass on and grapple to the ledge on the finish.

Follow the ledge round to the left then search for, it is best to see a grapple level on the prime of the height.

Inside of a bit of tent right here is the service provider, he’s promoting Robert’s Firecrackers for 500 cash and it is advisable purchase ‘em.

Either promote one of many pouches of cash you’ve little doubt come throughout in your travels, or grind enemies till you have got sufficient.

Once you’ve obtained the Firecrackers, return to the Dilapidated Temple and get the Sculptor to suit it to your arm – this offers you the Shinobi Firecrackers.

Now journey again to the Ashina Castle Gate Fortress. From the shrine, grapple up onto the wood tower after which over to the wall on the best.

Run alongside the wall to the left, then bounce onto the guard to stealth kill him. At the top of the trail, grapple onto the tree, then the rooftop.

Now equip your Firecracker and bounce onto the battlefield under.

Gyoubu Oniwa

You’ll now be preventing the legendary warrior Gyoubu Oniwa and his mighty warhorse Onikage.

It’s not instantly apparent, however you possibly can truly block a whole lot of his primary slash assaults along with your sword, so preserve you guard up as he fees.

Then when he stops to show round you possibly can grapple over to get a couple of free hits.

Your Firecracker is your secret weapon right here although. The loud noise will scare his horse and make it buck, leaving Gyoubu Oniwa open.

As his well being depletes his posture bar will restore very slowly, so sustain the aggression.

However, in case you get caught in shut proximity with him for too lengthy with out scaring his horse, Gyoubu Oniwa will unleash some fairly devastating combos that proceed to hit you on the ground, so get out of there as quick as you possibly can.

The trick to this battle is to be affected person and block, grapple in shut, scare his horse, land a couple of hits and retreat.

Repeat this till his posture is damaged and he’ll go down.

On his loss of life, you’ll get a particular powerup – a Memory – that raises your assault energy, and the Mechanical Barrel, which helps you to improve your arm.

Now head over to the shrine subsequent to the gate and relaxation, utilizing the reminiscence to boost your power.

In the subsequent half, we’ll strike out into the fortress!