Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice half 8 – Senpou Temple, Long-Armed Centipede Sen’un

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Before you make you means into the Castle correct, there’s an enormous facet path to discover. You’ll acquire loads of highly effective gadgets and boosts that can be invaluable later, so it’s effectively well worth the effort.

This is among the longest protracted sections in the entire game, so settle in for an extended trip.

From the Ashina Castle Idol, grapple onto the department on the left-hand facet of the bridge and proceed via the open gate in entrance of you.

Eavesdrop on the Guards’ dialog in entrance of you, then sneak up and deathblow them, gathering the Gatehouse Key in your hassle.

Keep going throughout the bridge and grapple up onto the massive gate above. You’ll see a big boi carrying a bell on his again. Turns out he’s fairly good at swinging it, so fairly than attempt to interact him head on, dash (maintain the dodge button) previous him via the open door behind him.

Inside you’ll discover a Sculptor’s Idol you can relaxation at to interrupt his aggro. Now return into the courtyard and stealth kill him from behind.

Next to the Idol you’ll discover a Memorial Mob service provider who has some fascinating gadgets, together with a Prayer Bead, extra Dragons Blood Droplets, and a Mask Fragment of the Dancing Dragon Mask.

Abandoned Dungeon

Once you’re carried out, run previous the service provider and down via the open door on the finish of the corridor.

At the underside of those stairs you’ll enter the Abandoned Dungeon, which is crammed to the brim with zombies and killer crickets. Don’t hassle your self an excessive amount of with the zombies, since they resurrect after a short while anyway.

Continue ahead and to your left you’ll meet a wierd man who provides you a message to ship.

After you’re carried out speaking, proceed additional into the Dungeon.

You’ll encounter extra zombies, who’ve a reasonably gnarly unblockable seize assault that offers a ton of harm, so watch out to not get overwhelmed.

Jump into the outlet simply in entrance of the unusual physician, and stroll deeper into the cave till you attain a Sculptor’s Idol.

From right here, you’ll see a physique of water in entrance of you.

To advance via this part, simply maintain swimming forwards via the water till you attain a financial institution.

Deal with the Guards on the primary financial institution, then soar again into the water in your proper and maintain going.

On the second financial institution you’ll combat a pair extra Guards, earlier than going via a door into one other cave. At the again of this cave you’ll be capable to work together with a mechanism to name an elevator.

Go up the elevator and also you’ll come to a brand new space and a Sculptor’s Idol.

Rest right here, then undergo the open door into the forest.

Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo

You’re about to tackle one of many longest areas within the game, so metal your self.

Outside, soar and grapple to the left on the prime of the cliff, then swing to the second tree to get above the wandering monk.

Deathblow the monk beneath you, then make your means up the trail, aggressively participating one other enemy.

A 3rd will most likely see you, however stand agency till you assault. Make use of your Shinobi Axe to interrupt via their guard and sustain the aggression till you stagger them.

Go via the gate, and also you’ll meet three extra enemies in group. Deal with them as you could have the others, aggressively putting them till you break their posture. If you allow them to get going with their very own assaults, you’re in for a nasty time.

Follow the trail up the hill and face the group of enemies strolling up. Stealthblow one, then take out the others.

There’s a big constructing on the prime of the slope, guarded by much more monks.

Defeat them as you could have the others, then head over to the correct and gather all of the gadgets hidden there.

Next method the massive constructing. On the left-hand facet you must be capable to grapple as much as the second ground.

Inside you’ll see some extra of these killer crickets, so take ‘em out as you make your means proper down the hall.

Go down the steps right here and also you’ll be in a room stuffed with monks praying close to a mummified physique. Deathblow the monk patrolling to the left, then concentrate on the three which are praying. Use Whirlwind Slash to hit a number of monks without delay via their guard, then hit crouch after they’re lifeless.

Behind the statue within the far facet of the room is a giant boi with a hammer, so creep round to the correct and deathblow him from behind. Grab the lump of fats wax from underneath his ft too, which you should use to improve your instruments.

Now gather the merchandise from in entrance of the mum – it’s a Gourd Seed! But remember and get out and in once you’re grabbing it although, it’ll barf up extra killer crickets in case you’re not cautious.

Head out of the door to your left and also you’ll discover the bizarre outdated rice woman once more – you should use Balloons right here to get gadgets as effectively, so try this if you want.

Now head over to the left, the place you’ll see an open space with lengthy grass, stairs, and a straw-hatted enemy with an extended spear.

You actually don’t wish to alert this enemy to your presence, they’re actually arduous, so crouch and keep on with the grass. Grapple up onto the constructing on the correct and transfer across the roof. There are two monks on the right-hand facet right here you can take out quietly.

Then crouch-walk again to the central space and drop into the lengthy grass. You ought to be capable to take out the 2 patrolling enemies from the grass with out being noticed by the spear man.

When they’re carried out for creep round to the left. There are two enemies close to the cliff edge who you may sneak up on and kill with out alerting others too.

Now crouch-walk again in the direction of the primary space and soar up onto the ledge in entrance of you, crouching instantly once you do. On your left must be the steps the straw hat man is guarding, which you’re now in place to leap onto and stealthblow him from behind.

With him lifeless, one other one will begin to stroll down the steps. Go round to the correct of the steps and also you’ll be capable to grapple and get behind him for an additional simple deathblow.

Go to the tip of the bridge and look to your left. Grapple as much as the ledge and run via the tunnel, then relaxation on the Sculptor’s Idol.

From the Idol, run alongside the slim wood walkway in entrance of you, then grapple up. Run via the tunnel, however be careful in the direction of the tip. There’s slightly dude climbing on the wall who will drop down. Keep aggressive with these guys, since they’ll strike you down in a flash in case you allow them to spin up.

Once the primary is down, grapple throughout to the island in entrance of you and defeat the second.

Now grapple again throughout and take out the third, earlier than persevering with up the wood walkway and leaping to seize the ledges on the prime.

Shimmy throughout then climb up and grapple. Now grapple once more as much as your left and also you’ll see a coated bridge.

Before you attempt to cross it, head over to the cliff edge in your left and seize the Red and White Pinwheel on the finish.

Armored Knight

Return to the coated bridge, and also you’ll be confronted by the unkillable man the 2 guards we speaking about earlier than you entered the dungeon.

He assaults slowly, however powerfully. Your objective right here isn’t to kill him outright, however to interrupt his posture.

Hang again whereas he swings his large sword and step dodge away from his hits. At the tip of his combos, swoop in and land just a few hits earlier than dodging again out.

Make use of your Shinobi Axe to deal a extra posture harm, and it’ll begin to rack up shortly.

During the combat, he’ll break down the partitions of the bridge, so watch out to not fall off, however it’s these gaps that you just’ll use to beat the Knight.

Once his posture is damaged, deathblow him to kick him off the facet of the bridge, and web a Prayer Bead in your hassle.

Continue alongside the bridge and relaxation on the Sculptor’s Idol.

There’s much more of Mt Kongo to discover but.

Long-armed Centipede Sen’un

From the Sculptor’s Idol, run ahead and soar onto the roof of the pagoda in entrance of you.

Continue ahead, then grapple to the tree department in your proper, then the rooftop in your left.

On the opposite facet of the constructing are a few monks you can drop down and kill quietly, earlier than participating the remainder of the group.

Double soar up the cliff to get behind the primary veiled monk and deathblow them. Then creep round and stealth the one on the opposite facet of the steps. Next soar again down and take out the opposite two in entrance of you.

Now flip round to take a look at the massive temple they have been stood in entrance of. Run up the steps onto the stone ground, then run round to the correct hand facet of the temple.

Jump throughout to the tiered pagoda in your proper, then drop down from the highest degree to the one beneath.

Turn round and also you’ll see a gap within the roof. Sneak inside and grapple to the rafters, crouching once you’re on them.

You’ll see a load of freaky dudes that stroll on all fours milling round.

There’s one which’s greater than all of the others, so place your self above it earlier than dropping to ship a stealth deathblow.

Things will get a bit hectic after this, for the reason that smaller guys will throw down flames on the ground.

However, in case you grapple again as much as the rafters you may soar round and deathblow the vast majority of the smaller guys, or a minimum of brute drive them to interrupt their posture.

Make your means round them to even the chances with the biggest centipede.

Sen’un is a determined, unrelenting attacker who can shred you with impunity. To counter him, spam deflect on his claw slashes, earlier than double leaping on his unblockable follow-up. You can then counter assault with your individual strikes.

Alternatively, you may nip out and in from the rafters, get behind him for a few slashes, earlier than retreating.

His defeat will web you one other Prayer Bead in addition to some Yellow Gunpowder.

Once he’s down, grapple up onto the rafters and exit the entrance door.

Continue up the hill and also you’ll be attacked by some toxic lizards and wolves. They’re each simple fodder – soar assault the lizards and block and counter the wolves.

Follow the trail up the hill and round, and deathblow the strolling monk you meet up with.

There are two extra to cope with on the opposite facet of the bonfire.

Go up the steps they’re stood subsequent to, however watch out of the massive dude to your proper.

There’s one other large dude and a monk coming down the steps, so conceal within the lengthy grass or behind the massive rock in your proper.

Wait for everybody to be turned away from you, then creep up behind the massive protect boi and deathblow him, then do away with the monk.

If this aggros the opposite large man, you may run away again down the hill, await him to neglect about you, then creep up behind him once more.

Otherwise, simply sneak up and deathblow.
Keep going up the steps and take out the veiled monk in entrance of you, then grapple as much as the gate on the prime.

There are two extra monks on the opposite facet, who you may take out quietly by grappling as much as the tree department above the gate. Jumping deathblow one, then take out the opposite.

Ascend the steps and take out the monk across the nook, however watch out, there are extra of these straw hat spear guys stood shut by.

Creep round to the left, and also you’ll be capable to grapple onto the sides of the wood platforms, and in case you crouch proper by the fence you’ll be capable to get previous the primary two straw hats with out alerting them.

Then is nonetheless one other one hiding across the nook you can’t keep away from, however in case you don’t fancy going through them you may simply leg it previous them and thru the door on the correct on the finish of the trail.

Inside this temple there’s a Sculptor’s Idol, which you’ll relaxation at to interrupt his aggro.

Free out of your straw-hatted pursuer, speak to the monk sitting in entrance of the massive statue – he’ll offer you an merchandise, and you may scour the remainder of the constructing for extra loot.

The solely factor left to do right here now could be nip again to the place you ran away from the straw hat man and take the left flip as an alternative of the correct that leads into the temple. At the tip of this path you’ll discover a e book that unlocks a tree of monk-style skills you may be taught with Skill Points.

With that, you may return to the Main Hall Sculptor’s Idol and journey again to Ashina Castle.

In the subsequent half, we’ll be coming into the citadel itself and going through the hardest foe but.