Red Dead Redemption 1 Added to the GTA+ Subscription Yesterday at 20:46 – OPla G700


Update: R* has announced an addition to their library. The subscription now includes a new version of the game released last year.

Xbox Store listings now show that the first Red Dead Redemption is available for GTA+ subscribers. Thus, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S owners who spend 6 dollars gain access to their fourth game (current bonuses can be found here).

RDR 1 on Xbox Store.

It’s not entirely clear which version of the game is being referred to. Whether it’s the original from Xbox 360, as shown on the cover, or an updated version for more modern consoles. However, it’s certain that by pre-paying, players can also receive the story expansion Undead Nightmare, as well as Deadly Assassin Outfit, Golden Guns Weapon Pack, and War Horse (all other packs are free).

Regarding the PlayStation Store, information has not yet been updated. We are awaiting an official statement from the developers.