Reasons Behind Final Fantasy 16 Exclusivity on PlayStation 5

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Final Fantasy XVI was surprise revealed in 2020 as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, as well as Square Enix as well as PlayStation have actually continued to be carefully straightened throughout its provings ever since. Be it State of Plays, PlayStation Showcases, or perhaps PlayStation Blogs, it’s clear Final Fantasy XVI is a huge launch for Sony. 

During my cover tale journey to Square Enix’s Tokyo, Japan, workplaces, I asked manufacturer Naoki Yoshida exactly how designer Creative Business Unit III really feels regarding the game’s PS5 exclusivity as well as what that provides for the workshop in regards to advancement. He claims it’s important to identify that CBUIII doesn’t enter into game advancement believing it intends to restrict a game to simply one system or business. When the group began advancement on FFXVI, the workshop “looked at all options,” Yoshida claims. 

Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida

Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida

“Final Fantasy, being one of Square Enix’s very important franchises up there with Dragon Quest and the Kingdom Hearts series – when we do begin development, we do approach multiple platforms, multiple companies, about releasing the game. And when you approach them, they’re going to come back to us with their offers.” 

The group as well as Square Enix after that think about all those deals as well as determine what will certainly be best for the job. In this instance, Square Enix suched as PlayStation’s deal best; it doesn’t injure that PlayStation as well as Square Enix have a decades-long partnership leading to numerous Square Enix exclusives on PlayStation gaming consoles.

From a growth viewpoint, Yoshida claims CBUIII desires as lots of people worldwide to play the game as feasible. 

“That said, from a developer and programmer perspective, limiting development to one system makes it not only easier on us but allows us the ability to optimize it,” he proceeds. “And that allows us the ability to maximize performance for that one system because we’re only concentrating on that one system.”

On top of that, Yoshida claims the group obtains a great deal of aid from the initial event – PlayStation in this circumstances – as well as its programmers as well as designers that assist CBUIII make the most of a game’s efficiency. 

“It allows us to create the game that we want to create [and] it makes it easier for us to do that.” 

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