PS5 tutorial: how to install an additional SSD in the console

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PS5 tutorial: how to install an additional SSD in the console

This is no scoop for anyone, the PS5 has low storage space. On paper, 825 GB of data space is announced, but in reality, it is 667 GB available once the OS and the updates have been made. You might as well say that we will have to think about finding alternatives if we want to display a beautiful library of digital games. There are of course external hard drives to plug into the PS5’s USB 3.0 ports, but their computation processing speed is nothing like the NVMe SSD available inside the console. However, since the official teardown of the PS5 made by Sony, we know perfectly well that an M.2 interface compatible PCIe 4.0 allows to add an additional SSD disk. If this feature is not yet activated and we are also waiting for Sony to reveal the list of manufacturers and models that will be compatible, we have decided to offer you a tutorial video to explain step by step how to open your PS5 and add an SSD without fear of damaging your console. You just need to be a bit of a handyman, also careful and to have a Phillips screwdriver. It is Damien Greffet, our hardware specialist in the JEUXACTU editorial staff who complied with the exercise. Please enjoy.


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