News: You can now export tracks from Rock Band 3 to Rock Band 4

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Rock Band 4 screenshot

Rock Band 4 screenshot

Rock Band 4 players are now able to export songs from Rock Band 3 into the new game, Harmonix has announced.

In the UK the export will cost you £11.99 and you’ll need to have a verified version of Rock Band 3 – digital or disc – from the same console family. You’ll find full instructions here.

In addition, Harmonix has said fans can expect exporting from earlier games to come in January.

“We hear everyone clamouring for the export entitlements of previous Rock Band games, so we’re bumping their priority to the top of the list,” explains the studio in a new blog post. “We’re shooting to have these up in the store for the folks who’ve exported their prior games in January.

“We’re starting with the original Rock Band and then following up with Rock Band 2 and LEGO Rock Band. This means there might be a week or two in January when we don’t release new DLC tracks.”

Source: Rock Band Blog