Disney And Bithell Games Reveal Tron Identity, Releasing Next Year

Tron Identity PC 2023

Disney and also Bithell Games have actually exposed Tron Identity, a brand-new computer game pertaining to Steam at some point following year.

This expose begun today’s Disney and also Marvel Games Showcase, an initial for the business. Unfortunately for those trying to find even more info regarding the game, the expose trailer drops extra according to being a “teaser” than anything else. It does include the Identity Disc, which is commonly made use of for fight in the Tron globe, yet that’s regarding it. However, in a meeting after the display, Bithell Games’ Mike Bithell stated the game occurs “in a world where Flynn created an Ark, where Flynn created a second grid for them to go to, promising that he’d come back.”

“As we know from [2010’s Tron: Legacy], though, he didn’t,” Bithell proceeded. “Tron fans will also know that time moves much much faster in that world, so we enter it hundreds, thousands of years after those events. What’s the society and the culture that’s evolved on that grid? It’s an amazing sci-fi storytelling opportunity which we’ve been able to do thanks to the amazing collaboration with Disney, who have just allowed us to create this story, tell this story in this new world, and expand on this amazing and rich heritage that Tron has.”

Bithell additionally stated that personalities from Tron tales will not always exist, yet they’ll be tales in this cosmos. You’ll face personalities that watch them as gods and also others that despise them. Three personalities were discussed throughout this meeting also– Proxy, Query, and also Ada Players will certainly regulate Query, an investigator and also Disciple of Tron, that is a person that matured in a globe greatly affected by the activities of previous personalities in the Tron cosmos. Proxy is a person that appears in the results of a burglary– a person has actually gotten into a cherished safe.

You can inspect them both out in the gallery listed below:


Bithell calls Tron Identity a challengegame The problems will certainly be intermixed with dialogue-heavy narrative series, something that’ll really feel familar to followers of Bithell Games’ The Solitaire Conspiracy and also Subsurface Circular might. To liquidate the meeting, Bithell stated even more info will certainly be exposed regarding the game soon.

Tron Identity will certainly strike computer at some point following year.


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