Devblog 103

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We’re back from GDC and slowly easing into work. We have some QOL changes, armour condition tweaks, and the first peek at our new arrow heads. It’s all at the official site.[]

  • Added more inventory UI sounds
  • Right clicking clothes in inventory tries to wear them
  • Fixed syringe having to be redeployed if using multiple times (modded servers)
  • Reduced craft time of wooden, barbed and metal barricades
  • Clamped client.lookatradius (exploit fix)
  • Fixed exceptions when saving on linux (mono bug)
  • Fixed locking input if trying to open chat with chat disabled
  • Armour can lose condition when shot/attacked
  • Armour can break
  • Armour protection is relative to condition
  • Added jerry can worldmodel for crude oil
  • Eating cans of food produces empty cans (smeltable in campfire)