Dauntless Behemoth Breakpart information: the place to search out the Protean Fang, Smoldering Bloodhide, Pristine Moonfeather and extra

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Behemoth Breakparts are an important a part of crafting new gear in Dauntless and a few Breakparks are tougher to get than others.

When battling a Behemoth, you’ll use a spread of weapons on its numerous physique components to be able to break off a worthwhile piece of loot. There are often just a few Breakparts per Behemoth and it would take you just a few tries till you get all of them to drop.

In this information, we’ll be taking a look at a distinct Behemoths and what Breakparts they drop that can assist you craft the perfect gear. You can even try our guides on where to find Orbs, how to get Arcstones and the place to search out numerous Scales.

Dauntless: Behemoth Breakparts

Breakparts have completely different rarities, starting from widespread to uncommon. To enhance your possibilities, be part of a high-level celebration and equip your greatest gear to fight a Behemoth of a particular elemental sort. It would even be helpful to go after probably the most troublesome Behemoth as quickly as you log in, in addition to becoming a member of Heroic hunts.

These Breakparts are probably the most wanted up to now, so right here’s which Behemoths you’ll be able to supply them from. You’ll must strike a Behemoth’s physique, head, horns, legs and tails to get these components, so try to coordinate your celebration to assault from completely different sides.


The Valomyr could be present in The Maelstrom within the fifth zone of Dauntless. It’s a Radiant Behemoth, so your greatest guess is to equip Umbral gear to be able to defeat it.

It has a number of drops from its physique, together with:

  • Valomyr Hide
  • Apocalypse Horn
  • Protean Fang
  • Radiant Dewclaw
  • Unstable Tailspike

You’ll wish to be no less than 300 energy earlier than dealing with the Valomyr, so don’t fear should you’re not there but.

Bloodfire Embermane

The Embermane is among the first Behemoths you’ll meet in Dauntless, nevertheless it additionally has a dreaded Bloodfire selection. Its weak spot is Frost, clearly, so equip no matter Frost weapons you might have earlier than becoming a member of a Hunt.

Slaying a Bloodfire Embermane will web you:

  • Smoldering Bloodhide
  • Bloodsoul Shard
  • Emberhorn
  • Savage Hooktooth
  • Smoked Dewclaw
  • Burning Tailspike

To get the Bloodsoul Shard, you’ll want to hitch a Heroic Hunt and the Smoldering Bloodhide is a uncommon drop.

Dreadfrost Boreus

This Behemoth controls little minions that may overwhelm your celebration fairly simply, so equip Blaze gear and prepare to hitch one other Heroic Hunt

Slaying a Dreadfrost Boreus will get you:

  • Psionic Scale
  • Dreadfrost Shard
  • Horn Fragment
  • Hoof Chip
  • Icy Hindscale

You’ll additionally get the Boreus Hide for attacking its physique.

Moonreaver Shrike

This is one other Heroic hunt Behemoth that’s Neutral, so equip the very best stage gear you’ll be able to earlier than starting this hunt. It has various loot in various rarities, which is becoming as a result of it’s a deceiving troublesome problem.

  • Pristine Moonfeather
  • Pristine Moonbeak
  • Perfect Moonbeak
  • Pristine Moonmantle
  • Perfect Moonmantle
  • Pristine Reaverdown
  • Perfect Reaverdown

You can interrupt its gliding assault should you’re fortunate sufficient, which may enhance your possibilities of a rarer drop.

Shockjaw Nayzaga

We’re heading again to the Maelstrom for this Behemoth, and it’s one other Heroic hunt as well. Again, this Behemoth can drop fairly just a few objects, so right here’s what to look out for:

  • Charged Shockjaw Hide
  • Conductive Spine
  • Greater Sparkclaw
  • Sparking Claw
  • Charged Tailspike
  • Sparking Tailspike

Equip Terra gear to slay this beast with ease.

Deadeye Quillshot

This Neutral Behemoth can be discovered within the Maelstrom and it may well wipe out your celebration in a single shot should you’re not cautious. It’s one other Heroic hunt, so be ready for one of the vital difficult fights but to get your loot.

  • Deadeye Spinehide
  • Flawless Spinehide
  • Ferocious Snout
  • Perfect Tusk
  • Deadeye Quill
  • Deadeye Razorquill
  • Spiked Shinplate
  • Perfect Dewspine
  • Heavy Tailspike
  • Perfect Tailspike


This Behemoth could be present in The Uncharted Reaches and is weak to Terra weapons. Beware of shock obstacles that may separate you from the remainder of your celebration when searching the Stormclaw.

  • Stormclaw Hide
  • Magnetooth
  • Glinttooth
  • Static Hide
  • Voltscale
  • Static Shank
  • Volthoof
  • Capacitail
  • Charged Tail

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