Community Update 82

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An island paradise built in Rust, one of the best videos we’ve ever seen, and lots more amazing community contributions.


There’s so much great stuff in the update this week that I had to fret over what to open with. I ended up with the header because it’s the most impressive build in Rust I’ve ever seen. It’s not rare for Rust to look nice, but to make it look inviting is tough. Mexican-Butler’s Paradise island for tired Newmans turns our post-apocalyptic skull splitter into a relaxing holiday resort. Just look at what he made.

If I didn’t know what to look for, at first glance I’m not sure I’d have believed that was Rust.

The Candle Man Can

I never thought I’d be recommending an hour long Rust video, but this is remarkable. The story of Marcus Moon, the self-appointed greatest candle maker in Rust. It’s the best Rust video I’ve ever seen: funny, disturbing, sharply edited and even well-acted. What’s more surprising is that it’s filmed from his perspective, but it manages to be cinematic. Just like my previous favourite Rust video, it also has Vertiigo.

If you only knew where Marcus Moon got the fat for his candles…

No joking, I stuck this on my projector and watched it all. The character’s inner-monologue and some clever editing held it all together.

ShadowFrax Posters

Odd-toed ungulate Shadowfrax is better known around these parts for his Youtube channel–which has just passed 20,000 subs–but he’s a horse of many talents and has recently been working on some Rust-inspired wallpapers. These are neat, though perhaps they lean a little too heavily on bloodsplats. Does a chopper even have blood?

He’s working on more, and I approve of this.


If you’d told me that a Rust player would one day shave his head in order to pretend to be in the game, I’m not sure I’d have believed you. But that’s what one of the actors in Fragments did. He mutilated his head for klonesixfour’s movie. Other people got to dress up, but this poor fellow scraped the hair from his skull for art.

Rust’s outfits are really odd looking IRL. Really good job recreating them.

The Great Wall of Rust

I am easily entertained, so faceless’s video about building a Great Wall in Rust grabbed me. You can’t do anything in Rust without someone taking an interest and/or trying to wreck it. Imagine what that’s like when building a server-spanning wall? They have to fight off masses of attackers and it took a small army to collect the wood.

Skip to the end if you’re just here to see the result: they run the length of it.

It’s just a shame there was no aerial view. I’d have loved to see whole wall in one piece.

… And Finally

I’ll leave you with PitchDank’s short but sweet take on roleplayers.


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