Update Left 4 Dead 2 The Last Stand from 09/24/2020

Left 4 Dead 2
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Fellow players and tank slayer from all around the world, the Last Stand Update is now available to play!
The update will download automatically when you launch the game the next time, and the servers will update to the newest version once they are empty.
If the update doesn’t download immediately, restart Steam and it will show up 🙂

The Last Stand Update is a collaborative effort between 30+ community members and Valve over the course of the past 11 months.
But that’s enough for now, we don’t want to keep you from playing, so without any further ado, enjoy the update!

The Community Update Team:
Rayman1103, Bunny, Doktor Haus, Lt. Rocky, Porky da Corgi, Salad, Splinks, NF, Roku, Syberian Hυѕку™, Wolphin, Xanaguy, Daroot Leafstorm, Jcb, Rectus, Rene, Tsuey, Khan (Drem), Salakirby, C.Shadou, HeXaGoN, JAiZ, Mittens ,Niels_L, Zeekrocz117, JurasPatryk, Lleage, MrFailzz, Resist, Sergi338, Scout, ϟḱ¥ђ℮αґт, Vespertine, Wilson2234

Known issues:

The update isn’t showing up!
If you don’t see the update, restart Steam and launch L4D2, it will automatically start downloading.

Official servers are crashing!
The servers are still updating and trying to handle the influx of players, so they may be unstable and crash, this is not something we can take care of on our end unfortunately.

Where are the 26 new survival maps?
They’re in the survival tab’s map selection.

The Last Stand crashes when I try to play it
There seem to be a few script related issues in relation to mods that weren’t caught, we’re looking into it, but for now the campaign will work if you disable your mods. If you still crash, verify your game files.

Versus keeps crashing
We’re looking into it, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for it to happen so we’ll figure it out and get a hotfix out asap.

I’ll be updating this section with known issues as they come in.

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